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AirBedz Appeared on Shark Tank Friday May 4, 2012

AirBedz on Shark Tank
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Imagine inventing the perfect inflatable truck bed mattress. Its plush flocked top beckons legions of work weary backs to relax. The easy-to-use pump promises instant inflation, gratification and comfort. The custom-sized-for-your-payload design fills up every nook and cranny of almost any truck on the road. One of the best mattresses for truck beds? No, this air mattress is the definition of portable luxury.

AirBedz Truck Bed Air Mattress

AirBedz Truck Bed Air Mattress

About Shark Tank

Now imagine a teaming tank full of sharks (the blue-blooded businessman type, not the aquatic variety) charged to shred and dissect every comfortable inch. For most folks, the mere thought of throwing their prized creation into a swarm of shrewd entrepreneurs is enough to induce pure panic. But, for the makers of the AirBedz Truck Mattress, appearing on the hit reality TV show “Shark Tank” is just the next step in their journey to the top of the outdoor accessories food chain.

Like towing a deluxe RV, minus the $100K cost, the AirBedz mattress delivers plush comfort to the back of your bed in budget-friendly style. Custom sized for your specific rig, this air bed is formed to every curve of your truck. Just throw this full-size bed mattress over the wheel wells and every square inch of your payload is covered in enough comfort to satisfy even the penny pinching bankers on Shark Tank.

AirBedz Wheel well cutouts

AirBedz Wheel Well Cutouts

About AirBedz

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one blow up mattress for trucks with a pump built in or a supple inflatable bed with an ultra-durable external pump, AirBedz has you covered. All AirBedz mattress pumps feature extra-long cords and attachment plugs for both 12V indoor use and your cigarette lighter plug. Even better, the high-grade PVC construction is tear-resistant so you don’t have worry about getting every shard of wood or stray rock out of your bed before bundling up for a nap. If something does take a bite out of your bed, it comes with a convenient repair kit so you’re not stuck sleeping on bare metal.

As versatile as it is comfortable, the AirBedz boasts wheel inserts that slide right into place when you’re not setting it up in your truck. That means you can bring the comfort into your house for a relaxing movie night, or inside your tent if life under the stars gets too rough. The included carrying case makes it easy to bring with you no matter where you choose to slumber. Bottom line, the AirBedz air mattress for pickup truck beds delivers a feast of features hardy enough to satisfy even the hungriest swarm of white-collar sharks.

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AirBedz Truck Bed Air Mattress
Truck Bedz Air Mattress
Napier Sportz Truck Bed Air Mattress
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