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How To Install Truck Bed Liners

Installing a Pickup Truck Bed Mat
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For a while, people thought that using your trailer hitch was the one of the best ways to get your cargo to its destination safely. But, now you can easily keep your cargo secure while also protecting your truck bed from scratches and dings with a DIY truck bed liner. Boasting a non-skid surface, truck mats keep your cargo from sliding around when the truck’s in motion. Truck bed liners are essential for anyone who uses their truck bed for, well, anything.

Installation Tip:

Both drop-in mats and spray-on liners will protect your truck bed. But the key is that you want to make sure you clean the bed really well before applying either type of bed liner.

Choosing the Best Bed Liner Brand

Installing a DIY truck bed liner is simple and can be done in about 30 minutes. But, before you begin the installation, you need to choose which truck liner is best for you. There are a variety of do-it-yourself truck bed liner kits to pick from. So, how do you know which one is best? Well, for starters, we always recommend do-it-yourself truck bed liner kits made by the best brands in the biz, like BedRug, Dee Zee and DualLiner. These brands set the bar for do-it-yourself truck bed liner kits.

Learn From Our Current Bed Liner Customers

To make your buying decision even easier, we provide you with numerous truck bed liner reviews on our website provided by our customers. You can read reviews on every single one of our truck bed liners to find out which ones are the faves of truck enthusiasts. Find out if they prefer the ALS liner or BedRug Bed Mat. While you’re at it, read up on the other truck bed accessories reviews. You’ll find reviews on everything from truck ramps to truck tents.

And Now, The Actual Steps For Installation

Once you’ve chosen your truck bed liner, follow these four easy steps for a fast DIY installation.

Step 1. Clean the truck bed completely and wipe down with a cleaning solvent. Allow truck bed to dry completely.

Step 2. Position your liner in the bed. If it’s a one-piece liner, simply drop it into place. For multiple-part liners, you’ll need to position the front and side panels first. Then, the bottom portions can snap into place, interlocking with the front and side panels.

Step 3. Secure your one-piece liner or the front and side panels of a multiple-piece liner with the kit’s provided fasteners. Some one-part liners may require addition bolts, usually into the manufacturer’s pre-drilled holes.

Step 4. Check the edges for a proper fit.

Product Comparison
Dee Zee Heavyweight Truck Bed Mat
BedRug Truck Bed Liner
DualLiner Truck Bed Liners
Product Name
Sale Price
$89.95 each
$398.05 each
Customer Rating (685) (378) (60)
Ease of Installation
MaterialNyracord rubberPolypropylene foam carpetProprietary non-skid material
Material Detail

3/8" ZeroSkid
StyleBed MatBed LinerBed Liner
Warranty1-year warrantyLifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty

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