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How to Select the Best Bull Bars for Trucks & SUVs


Off-roading pickups and asphalt warriors like your SUV encounter their fair share of challenges throughout their lifetime, and it sure gets costly making repairs. Bouncing rocks, low-hanging tree branches and other road-debris can really leave a mark, and who needs the stress of coming up with the extra funds?

Rather than counting the pennies for your next trip to the body shop, make a onetime investment in the bull bar of your choosing. While they definitely give the front-end of your vehicle a seriously rugged facelift, bull bars were first invented as a means of protection in rural areas, where cattle tend to roam across ill-lit roads on dark nights. In Australia, they’re known as “roo bars,” which makes sense, given the big, bounding lifeforms our brothers down under are likely to encounter. No matter the terminology, bull bars, like bumper guards and the closely-related grille guards, are an ideal upgrade for vehicles sporting a high-end billet grille, or grilles with built-in LED lighting arrangements.

Over the years, they’ve remained one of the most popular truck and SUV modifications because they save hundreds in repair costs. More importantly, they allow you to leave your worries behind when you head out on the trail. If you haven’t upgraded yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!

But with the wide variety of bars available to you, how can you hope to make an informed choice in a short amount of time? It’s not something you want to rush, but the road is calling, and those hazards aren’t going anywhere. With any luck, this guide will help you make a more informed decision about what you might be looking for.

Bull bars, like grille guards, bolt directly onto the frame of the vehicle — very little effort required on your part, and absolutely no drilling necessary. This helps ensure a flawless, from-the-factory fit. Most are manufactured from 3” stainless steel tubing and sealed against the elements. To overhaul the appearance of your ride, the bars on our site are offered in a variety of attractive but corrosion-resistant finishes, including sleek black, shiny chrome, rugged grey and gleaming polished.

Crafted by time-trusted manufacturers like Westin, Steelcraft, Aries and Black Horse Off Road for your specific year, make and model, bull bars are in high supply and of the highest quality, so there’s no better time to shop for them than now. At the end of the day, your final selection will be decided by the appearance of the bull bar, the mathematics as dictated by the dimensions of your vehicle, and the finish you think looks best.

Makers like ProZ, whose wares are sold exclusively on this site, offer a matching set of tail light guards to go along with your purchase. Designed to safeguard your rear lights against unseen obstacles, charging animals and swinging bats, they too are easy to install and very affordable.

Be sure, also, to read the numerous bull bar reviews we have on our site, to see what those who have gone before you have to say. Odds are, you’ll be glad you did.