How to Tailgate Like a Pro

BY Thomas S.

Just because the college football season recently crowned a new champion, it doesn’t mean football season is over. The NFL playoffs are in full swing and no matter whether you’re attending your team’s next playoff game or just want to host the neighborhood’s best viewing party, we have all the tailgating accessories you need to emerge victorious.

Plus, with both the college basketball and NBA seasons heating up and MLB action right around the corner, you can never be too prepared for the year-long sport that is tailgating. Read on to learn more about some of the top-notch tailgating accessories available on our site and you’ll crown yourself champion of the parking lot.


Hitch Grills

You’ll score big points with your tailgate crew when you pull up with a hitch-mounted grill. Providing the flexibility to cook burgers, hot dogs or anything else your heart desires, grills like the Party King Grills Pro Series Grill are the perfect wait to take your tailgate parties to new heights.


Tailgating Mats

Keep off the excruciatingly hot asphalt and display your team pride with one of our top-of-the-line tailgate mats. With a wide selection of mats representing organizations like the NFL, MLB, NCAA, NBA, NHL, and even Ford and military logos, we have a mat for you, no matter which team you’re a fan of.


Canopy Tents

Nothing’s worse than tiring yourself out and getting sunburnt before the game even starts. Luckily for you, awnings like the Rhino-Rack Foxwing ECO 2.1 Awning or Sunseeker Awning provide enough shade to keep even the rowdiest fans cool, calm and collected.



It doesn’t matter what you’re drinking – no one at a tailgate wants to sip on a warm beverage. But, you also don’t want to worry about the leaks that come with a conventional ice cooler. And, that’s where we come in. With plenty of ice-free options like a solar panel- and generator-compatible ARB Fridge, you’ll be able to keep all your friends refreshed and hydrated.


Outdoor Portable Entertainment Centers

The game you’re at isn’t usually the only you care about. Keep up on all the scores around the league with one of our portable entertainment systems. The Party King Grills Roadshow Portable Entertainment System, for example, is designed to house a flat-panel HDTV, AV components, a satellite dish and a generator. Compatible with a broad range of TV sizes and brands, these portable entertainment systems are the perfect way to set your tailgate apart from the competition.


Team Logo License Plate Frames

No matter whether you’re leaving the competition in the dust or sitting in a crowded parking lot on game day, any passerby will know which team you support. Outfit your ride with a team logo license plate frame. With a wide selection available, including durable FANMATS NCAA License Plate Frames, along with NBA and NHL versions, your team pride will never be questioned, even when you’re in enemy territory.


Team Logo Floor Mats & Liners

Your favorite team strikes fear into the heart of its opponents, and now you can do the same to dirt, mud and grime – with a set of team logo floor mats and liners. Choose from a lineup including FANMATS MLB, NBA, NCAA, NFL and NHL floor mats. They’re made from 100% vinyl you can be sure nothing will get through this layer of defense to damage your floorboards.


Team Logo Steering Wheel Covers

Don’t lose your grip like a wide receiver who just dropped the ball – install a team logo steering wheel cover instead, and you’ll be reaching the goal line that is your destination in no time. With covers from FANMATS available in NBA, NCAA and NHL designs or Team ProMark in NCAA and NFL varieties, we have no shortage of top-tier covers to protect your steering wheel.


Team Logo Trailer Hitches

Put a stamp on your rig’s towing capabilities with a team logo trailer hitch. Fitting most standard 2” hitch receivers and designed to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris, College Logo Hitch Covers by Pilot are a great choice. Or, you can choose from MLB, NBA and NFL covers from top-notch brands like FANMATS and Siskiyou. As an added bonus, once you install one these first-rate hitches, every car trailing you will have no doubt which team you pull for.

Now that you’ve done the prep work, just like your favorite team in practice, you’re ready to tackle your next tailgate party. Browse our complete line of tailgating accessories now and you’ll be the envy of your neighborhood by Super Bowl Sunday.

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