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Must-Have Accessories for a Romantic Getaway


There have been too many bad Country songs written about a night under the stars with your special someone, but that’s no reason to spend another date night indoors. If the four walls of your apartment or the candlelight of a pricy restaurant have lost their appeal, we have just the products for you to reignite the fire — maybe even around a campfire. And don’t worry. If you don’t exactly feel like roughing it, these high-quality items will make it feel like you’ve hardly left home.


Forget padding the inside of your truck bed with as many extra pillows as you can find. Don’t rely on the meager comfort offered by your trusty sleeping bag. When it comes to real comfort, you really can’t beat an air mattress, and AirBedz — that company that advertises itself as the “Original Truck Bed Air Mattress” maker — is at the top of our recommendation list. They make up the bulk of our collection, but feel free to explore what else we have to offer. These ultra-tough inflatables are available in different finishes and patterns, including camo to complete the outdoorsy feel, and, should you ever want to camp out in your own den, you can find wheel well inserts to flesh your mattress out. Powerful pumps inflate or deflate in no time at all, and most importantly, you and your date can spend a night high above the uncomfortable earth and any creepy-crawlies that venture close.

  1. AirBedz Original Truck Bed Air Mattress
  2. ProZ Adventurer Truck Bed Air Mattress
  3. Rightline Gear Truck Bed Air Mattress
  4. ProZ RoadTripper Truck Bed Air Mattress


If you’re into a little more protection, not just from below but all sides, then you might want to invest in a truck tent. You’ll find tents compatible with trucks, Jeeps and SUVs, and the way they setup means you don’t need a flat surface to pitch camp. If you have a pickup, you can assemble the tent right in the bed, but we also carry products that allow you to put even more distance between you and the ground — like right on the roof of your vehicle. The Smittybilt Overlander Rooftop Tent sports adjustable rails that allow you to mount it easily to your factory or aftermarket roof rack system, and if you so choose, you can purchase a ladder extension for taller vehicles. Every tent boasts heavy-duty manufacturing to hold up over time, and most come with mesh windows for ventilation and mosquito nets to keep the bugs out.

  1. Napier Backroadz Universal Tents
  2. Rightline Gear Pop Up Tent
  3. ProZ Deluxe Truck Tent Extension
  4. Rightline Gear Universal Tents


So far, we’ve only touched on accessories you’ll need at the end of the day. But what if you want to stretch your Date Night into a whole day, or maybe an entire weekend? From bike racks to ensure you can bring your two-wheelers along for an invigorating hillside crawl, to campsite essentials like a wind-reducing awning, roomy refrigerators and power banks to keep your devices fully charged, AutoAnything has you covered.

  1. Swagman XTC Cross Country Bike Rack
  2. ARB Awning
  3. Smittybilt Arctic Fridge & Freezer
  4. POD Solar Fusion Power Bank

No matter how long you spend loving it up in the great outdoors, we’re confident that our assortment of products has what you’re looking for. Now, when it comes to where you should take this getaway gear, check out our article “The Best Places to Road Trip to This Spring.” If you want to get right to shopping, click the button below.