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Spark Plugs

Over time the electrode gap on your spark plugs can erode and widen. This can put excessive strain on your ignition system and cause a loss in performance and efficiency. Spark plugs are an affordable way to ensure your engine is operating at the maximum efficiency and power. Whether you are looking for basic replacement copper spark plugs, or high-performance and long lasting iridium or platinum spark plugs, AutoAnything has the right spark plugs for you. Replacing your spark plugs helps keep your vehicle running smoothly so it is reliable for years to come. Still have questions? Call our friendly product experts at (800) 874-8888 and we will help select the right spark plugs for you.
Spark Plugs Reviews
Check out this recent Pulstar Performance Series Spark Plugs customer review: Genevieve B from Seabrook, TX says "It was time for a tune up on my 07 MDX, and as I was shopping here on Autoanything's website for a K&N filter, I ran across these spark plugs and gave them a try. I installed the plugs first without doing anything else to determine any significant changes in performance. Wow!!! There is a dramatic change in acceleration and throttle response. These plugs really work and do as they claim! Worth the cost in my opinion.I've have tried many different spark plugs for all my "weekend warriors" mostly expensive Iridiums of different brands. I will be ordering these plugs for them soon, and i can't wait to put them on."
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Saturday, November 10, 2018

How to Choose the Best Spark Plug Wires

Spark Plugs From upgrading to a cold air intake to changing out your air filter, there are several ways you can boost your vehicle’s horsepower and MPGs. But, many people don’t realize that something as simple as performance spark plugs can also deliver noticeable performance gains and fuel efficiency increases. It’s true—when you ditch the cheap […] The post How to Choose the Best Spark Plug Wires appeared first on AutoAnything Resource Center.
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