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Hummer Spark Plugs

With more tattoos and piercings than a convention of carnival ride operators, Dennis Rodman is a hard man not to recognize on the street. His Hummer is just as unmistakable. With a paint job that features topless women, you'll know it when you see it. We don't think the cops even had to run the plates to find the owner when it was caught parking in a handicapped spot. Oh, wait a second, this is Dennis Rodman we're talking about. He might be right to park in a handicapped space. In any case, don't let stock Hummer spark plugs handicap you when you're headed down the highway.
We don't care what kind of video system or what size wheels you have on your ride, all the power depends on what kind of Hummer spark plugs you're running. Stock spark plugs deliver about 50 watts of power to your engine. The high-performance Hummer spark plugs featured here at AutoAnything can pump out up to an amazing one million watts of firepower. This upgrade in energy gives your engine a big boost in power. Install a set of performance grade Hummer spark plugs and you'll immediately notice improved horsepower, torque, fuel economy and throttle response.
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MSD Iridium Spark Plugs

MSD Spark Plugs

What can I say? Goes well with the MSD wires and coil pack. Makes my car feel like new and the engine runs smoothly. View more reviews...
Posted By Sergio M (Montrose, CA) / October 29, 2017
2002 Ford Mustang

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