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Hyundai Spark Plugs

Parallel parking seems to be a lost art these days. Back in the day, when we trudged through five miles of snow to get to school-and it was uphill in both directions!-we had to parallel park to pass our driver's test. We recently saw a video of the Hyundai Elantra and it looked like it was demonstrating a self-parking system. It might be the first economy car on the market to make robo-parking available to the masses. However, we're more concerned about performance, so we'd rather talk about things like Hyundai spark plugs.
Just like girls always get better grades in elementary school, AutoAnything features high-performance Hyundai spark plugs that far outshine your standard plugs. "How can this be?" an inquisitive driver might ask. Our performance grade Hyundai spark plugs can send up to one million watts of energy to your cylinders. Stock spark plugs put out around 50 watts of power. You get far more efficient and powerful combustion with our top quality Hyundai spark plugs. Swap out your old plugs and you'll immediately feel the difference. You'll get more power, quicker throttle response and better fuel economy.
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MSD Iridium Spark Plugs

MSD Spark Plugs

What can I say? Goes well with the MSD wires and coil pack. Makes my car feel like new and the engine runs smoothly. View more reviews...
Posted By Sergio M (Montrose, CA) / October 29, 2017
2002 Ford Mustang

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