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Infiniti Spark Plugs

You take care of your Infiniti, and she takes care of you. You change her oil, check her tires, keep her fluids topped off and wash her every weekend. Part of regular maintenance also includes checking and replacing your Infiniti spark plugs as needed. You can experience losses in power and fuel efficiency from a single fouled or damaged Infiniti spark plug, and this can even lead to engine damage which can be very expensive to repair. Lucky for you, avoiding these problems is fairly simple as long as you follow a routine with maintenance.
In the manual that came with your car, Infiniti specifies how often you need to change your spark plugs, and as a general rule many people check their spark plugs at least once a quarter. If you keep an extra set of Infiniti spark plugs on hand and change them when the plugs appear to have significantly eroded, you will avoid problems. At AutoAnything, we stock a full line of Infiniti spark plugs from OEM replacement to high performance, so you can always find what you want at our guaranteed lowest prices.
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MSD Spark Plugs

What can I say? Goes well with the MSD wires and coil pack. Makes my car feel like new and the engine runs smoothly. View more reviews...
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