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License Plate Frames: Personalize Your Tags

Bumper stickers are great for some, but many people prefer something a little more subtle. And when you’re an auto-enthusiast, the last thing you want to do is stick something with adhesive on that custom paintjob – the outline of gluey residue lasting long after the decal itself has peeled off. So, when you want to give props to your favorite sports team with logo license frames or just add a highlight to the rear of your vehicle, aftermarket license plate frames are the simple, affordable, and easily-removable way to go.

License plate frames are customizable, enabling you to say just about anything. They’re available in a wide variety of materials, styles and colors, blending seamlessly with your exterior or adding a flash of chrome. Many specialty license plate frames even come covered by rubber-sealed safety-glass to prevent moisture, bugs, rust, dirt and registration sticker thieves from getting at your license plate. Plus, Elite Automotive, an aftermarket leader in license plate frames, also produces customized frames that are paint-matched to certain popular vehicles.

Also known as plate shields, license plate covers and similar specialty license plate frames feature flat or domed designs and come in three colors: clear, smoke or blue. A front license plate frame (and its rear counterpart) adds a high level of protection to your vehicle and a unique tint that sets you apart from the herd. Crafted from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, license plate covers boast a long life of durable wear, easily standing up to the ravages of everyday driving. Even better, they keep all the bugs and road grime from getting caked into the grooves of your license plate and are molded with a thin lip around the edge to easily accommodate plates with raised letters.

License plate frames – like Chevy plate frames, Dodge plate frames and other license plate covers – also add the perfect finishing touch to any vanity plate. Also known as decorative plates, a vanity plate is a specific combination of numbers and letters provided for an extra fee. These can also include logo license plates, and motorcycle plate frames, that benefit certain causes or institutions, such as animals and universities.

But, you don’t have to create a vanity plate to enjoy the added protection of something like a chrome license plate frame. Like the plates themselves, these specialty frames are customizable to say just about anything, complimenting the message on your plate or standing on their own. Plus, they serve as an ideal spot to mount those backup sensors, providing an instant warning against obstacles you may not see when backing up.

License plate covers and similar car accessories enable you to add a high level of personalization to your vehicle. Unlike other forms of vehicular self-expression, they won’t leave a dirty residue when you want to swap them out for something new.

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