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KC HiLites Lights

KC Lights

Those off-road adventures wait for no one. When the trails start beckoning, make sure you have the KC lights to cut right through any rain, snow, fog or nighttime darkness that stands between your vehicle and a really good time. KC highlights are specifically made to fit with your Jeep or other off-road rig and offer multiple bulb options to make sure you get just the right of illumination you need.
When shopping AutoAnything’s selection of KC lights, the first step is to figure out exactly how many lumens you want and the wattage that will work with your off-road ride. This will definitely impact the light output of your KC headlights. The higher the lumens, the brighter your lights. But hold up. Before you go all-in and put those KC highlights with highest number of lumens in your shopping cart, think about where you’ll you’ll be driving and in what conditions. Lumens and the different light technology used in your light bar or headlights will also affect the cost and power efficiency of your setup. If you are doing regular overlanding in the pitch-black of night, you’ll want the brightest of bright, but if you are planning on mostly on-road driving, you may want to ever-so-slightly dial back to make sure those on-coming drivers aren’t blinded by the awesome light that is your Jeep or truck charging down highway.

Aside from making sure your KC headlights have on and off-road legal lighting that lasts, the team at KC lights have also invested a significant amount of time thinking about what type of bulb will give you the best glow for each type of lighting system. Halogen lights are the most cost-effective option in the KC lineup and give you a warm, dense light in 55W, 100W and 130W options. You’ll be able to select Halogen lights for KC daylighters, KC Headlights, the 35 Series and more. LED lights are the middle-of-the-road fan favorite. They are cool, bright, unbelievably power efficient and extremely durable. If a low amp draw and multiple sizing options - with a wide range of wattage options between 5W to 300W available, too - are top of mind for you, shop the KC daylighters, headlights and taillights with LED bulbs. Finally, HID lights might have off-road fanatics with their promise to illuminate long distances - in some instances exceeding the ratings of Halogens and LEDs of the same wattage by 2 or 3 times. KC highlights have the homie hookup for you here when it comes to lighting up long distances with their daylighters, Rally 800, 69 series and Pro Sport options.

Constructed of top-quality ABS plastic, aluminum, and steel, KC headlights have been an industry staple since the 70’s, with the KC HiLites brand coming on the scene as the original auxiliary lighting outfit. There’s something to be said about being the longest standing manufacturer of off-road, driving, fog and flood lights, too. They’ve had the hours to refine the construction of each and every single one of the KC headlights available. And drivers have had the time to put in miles of on- and off-road testing, which you’ll see in our extensive compilation of customer reviews.

Shop AutoAnything’s extensive selection of KC daylighters, light bars, replacement bulbs, off-road lights and fog lights with the signature light covers, wiring harnesses and other accessories to match. You simply can’t go wrong with the unmistakable durability and generous warranties of KC lights.
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Customer Reviews

KC HiLites Halogen Replacement Headlights

Great Upgrade

I was just about to purchase the KC GRAVITY PROS. I decided to give these a shot and so glad I did. The stock Wrangler headlights are terrible. Very happy with the performance and substantially cheaper than the Gravity Pros. View more reviews...
Posted By David E (Tucson, AZ) / June 20, 2020
2016 Jeep Wrangler
KC HiLites Gravity LED Fog Lights

Gravity Fog Lights

Simple install, easy adjustment. Who needs headlights with these bad boys! Light fog they are great. Haven't had any experience in the thick stuff yet though. Worth the $. KC has got it together for sure ! View more reviews...
Posted By Dave G (TINTON FALLS, NJ) / April 27, 2020
2016 Jeep Wrangler
KC HiLites Daylighter Off-Road Lights System


They look great and very bright. I don't care for the yellow covers so I ordered the black ones View more reviews...
Posted By Donald p (PHOENIX, AZ) / December 18, 2018
2017 Dodge Ram