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LED Lights

Technology is a crazy and wonderful thing. You can toss an LED light bar on the front of your truck now and blast out more light than a whole array of those big off road lights you used to see on rally cars and off-road trucks back in the day. Not only are these light bars brighter, more power efficient, more compact, and easy to wire, but they’re also somehow even cheaper than it used to cost to outfit your grille or roof rack with a row of good off-road lights.
LED lights for cars (Light Emitting Diodes) are actually tiny semiconductors that work by using electric current to combine P and N type electrons together through way of electric current, releasing photons that we see as visible light as a result. This is in contrast to incandescent bulbs which use a filament within a sealed chamber of inert gas. The filament is heated with the electrical current to the point of glowing, which is then focused and projected in the direction needed. LED lights for cars are a more energy efficient way of getting a similar amount of light at a cheaper cost and also tend to last longer.

We’ve got tons of LED lights for trucks in the form of off-road lights or light bars, or even as strips of red LEDs to go along your tailgate for a larger brake light across the whole back of your truck. The other place LED lights for trucks can come in handy is with work lights and in-bed lighting to help see what you’re doing at night. These are especially helpful with truck beds with tonneau covers, as they can make it difficult to see where everything is in low light conditions.

If street presence and leaning towards the flashy side of things, our selection of LED lights for cars include not only useful lighting to see where you’re going, but also underglow kits, interior accent lighting, wheel well and in-wheel lights of all different colors (even color changing), and even headlight accent LED strips. For rally drivers (or rally looking builds at least), our LED lights for cars can be a solid, cost effective replacement for those massive rows of lights we mentioned earlier that rally cars used to use to light up the wilderness at night.

So whether you’re looking for LED lights for trucks or LED lights for cars, you’re spoiled for choice! This can be a blessing and a curse, as there is just so much to choose from that it can be difficult to make a decision. If you need help narrowing down the selection, you can always give us a call or hop into a chat with one of our Gearheads, and we’ll help you find what you need!
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Customer Reviews

Oracle Oculus Headlight Series

Great upgrade!

These are great. They look good and are very bright. Easy to adjust/aim. The o only issue I had is that they do not provide a long enough wire to run to the fuse box for the halos, at least cleanly. So I had to pick up a little extra wire to extend it. I also picked up weatherproof heat shrinking connectors to make the connections weatherproof and cut off the connector that was provided with the fuse tap. Well worth the money! View more reviews...
Posted By Robert M (ATLANTA, GA) / January 12, 2021
Rigid Industries D Series Dually LED Lights


Purchased the lights to replace lights of another manufacture. These lights much better and a solid reputation. View more reviews...
Posted By Jerry S (WELLINGTON, FL) / June 16, 2020
Oracle Headlight DRLS & Halo Kits

Headlight halo install

The headlight halos were not hard to install. I just used a heatgun. View more reviews...
Posted By Kevin S (Fayetteville, NC) / May 28, 2018
2012 Jeep Wrangler

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