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Third Brake Lights

Third Brake Lights

Helping other cars see you on the road can prevent them from stop, drop, and rolling right into your bumper. One way to make that happen is with your third brake light -- also called a center high-mounted stop lamp, or CHMSL. Fun fact: third brake lights are federally mandated, so you don’t have to install one (the factory did that for you). But you should replace yours when it goes out. Or give off a bold impression to any passers-by with a glow plate on that custom license plate you have.
A 3rd brake light sits above your trunk or hatchback door and alerts the people behind you that you’re about to make a stop. When bouncing rain water, thick fog, or the spray of a puddle shrouds the visibility of your side brake lights, third brake lights are like a shining beacon of light in the darkness, making sure other drivers have the heads up when you start love-tapping that brake pedal. Plus, it’s always good to have a backup in case your factory setup goes lights out sooner than planned.

But what makes a good 3rd brake light kit? We all know better than to think all lights are created equally. First of all, it should be street legal. We know your inner gearhead is tempted to get a neon blue brake light just because - but most local ordinances require brake lights to be red. Don’t let that rain on your parade, though, there are plenty of compliant LED 3rd brake lights to choose from. And, with AutoAnything always have options, no matter the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

Secondly, the best third brake lights are durable. And our team knows a thing or two about putting our car parts to the test. The IPCW, Putco, Spyder, Anzo and other center brake lights at AutoAnything stand up to Mother Nature and time. They won’t crack during a hail storm or stop working in frigid winter temperatures. And long-lasting LED lights surely won’t go dim after a few months on the road - guaranteed. Most of our third brake lights come with a manufacturer-backed warranty of at least a year, making sure you are covered in any situation. You can expect your LED 3rd brake lights to be the brightest bulb in the bunch, literally. Plus, they last about three times as long as a halogen bulb, because you’ve got better things to do with your time than change lightbulbs.

Finally, you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to install your new 3rd brake light. If you’re a mechanic, great, but you can also pop off your old light and install a new one in the garage using a few household tools. You’ll keep the back of your rig well-lit so you don’t have to worry about getting pulled over. Many vehicles don’t even require any wiring or drilling during the installation process.

No matter the type of car, truck or SUV you drive, AutoAnything has a center high-mounted stop lamp that will fit perfectly. We carry the most reliable lights from top brands like Rigid Industries, Rugged Ridge, Putco and more, making sure you have a brand you know and trust at your back. Check out customer reviews for their opinions of our most popular third brake lights, then take advantage of price-matching, free shipping and a limited warranty for service.
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Customer Reviews

Anzo USA LED Third Brake Light

Great Look

My new smoked third brake light looks awesome and installed in seconds!! Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a more blacked out look!! View more reviews...
Posted By Michael C (MINEOLA, NY) / April 6, 2021
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C5 wind restrictor

This is a quality product. It is designed for my C5 to accomodate the top and putting the top up with no restrictions. The wind deflection could be better,however the necessary considerations with the top make this about as good a product as practical. It is very durable and looks professinally installed. View more reviews...
Posted By Howard W (SPOKANE, WA) / July 21, 2020
2003 Chevy Corvette
IPCW Mega Light LED Third Brake Light

This light is big

This light is huge it is like 3 of my light together side by side and is very bright compared to stock. I got mine in clear not smoked or black chrome so that is why it is probably so bright. This third brake light talmost covers the entire width of my roof. View more reviews...
Posted By jeff K (Myakka City, FL) / January 16, 2019
2007 Nissan Titan