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Headlight Bulbs

You’ve seen the movie Cars, right? Didn’t it seem strange that they put the character’s eyes in the windshield? We can’t be alone in thinking that a car’s “eyes” are the headlights, right? When you look a Ferrari head on, it looks like it’s staring you down like it wants to eat you for lunch! It’s not a menacing windshield that does that, it’s the sharp angles and mean contours of the headlights that stare into your soul. The eyes are the headlights!
Anyway, your car headlight bulbs not only help you see the road, they make sure other drivers out on the road can see you as well. Cheap replacement bulbs and housings can have improper cut offs that blind oncoming traffic, making it hard for them to stay in their lane or miss road hazards. DOT replacement headlight bulbs are designed to be bright so you can see the road but not so bright that blind everyone in your path. Our headlight bulbs are designed to fit your make and model so they are easy to install and completely hassle free.

Replacement Headlight Bulbs Quick Guide:

Halogen Bulbs - Most often found on cars and trucks from the factory. These are standard style bulbs that are a direct replacement for most car light bulbs. They tend to be slightly warm in color temperature and consume more energy than our other styles of car headlight bulbs. These are great for someone who just wants a direct replacement for their burnt out bulbs.

LED - Light Emitting Diodes are becoming more and more popular option on cars from the factory. These replacement headlight bulbs can also be fitted to cars that did not come with LED bulbs from the factory with the proper accessories. They tend to be a true white color and don’t need to warm up as long to get to full brightness. LED headlight bulbs also use much less energy than a standard halogen bulbs while producing more light.

HID - HID car light bulbs are becoming more popular on cars from the factory as well. These lights can come in a wide array of color shades known as color temperature, but more often tend towards white or blue-ish light. Like LED bulbs, they produce more light than most standard halogen light bulbs while using less energy. However these bulbs take a few seconds to warm up to get to their full brightness.

Xenon - These car headlight bulbs work similar to a neon light. The bulbs are filled with a high pressure gas that brightly glows when energy passes through it. Similar to a neon light, xenon car light bulb can come in many different colors. They are a perfect way to add a pop of color to your car.

No matter what style you choose, it’s likely to be an upgrade from your factory equipment. Whether simply replacing your factory headlight bulbs to gain back all the brightness that you used to have. Or upgrading to a headlight bulb that is brighter and uses less energy with a pop of color. Taking the time to replace your car headlight bulbs is something you will thank yourself for later.
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Customer Reviews

Putco Pure Halogen Headlight Bulbs

2017 GTI

The lights look really nice on my GTI. Installation was very easy 10 minutes for both bulbs. View more reviews...
Posted By Aiah A (Hyattsville, MD) / January 31, 2020
2017 Volkswagen GTI
Putco Silver-Lux LED Headlight Conversion Kit

Ram 1500 projector retrofit

I swapped out my stock reflector headlights for a set of Spyder projectors and was informed there would be a loss of light output. I included Putoc silver lux led lights as part of the retro and I'm very happy with the light output. In fact the light output is much better than the stock headlights and with the projector "cut off line", there is no reason to worry about shining my headlights too brightly into oncoming traffic. View more reviews...
Posted By Ronald P (SPOKANE, WA) / July 24, 2019
2014 Dodge Ram
Putco Nitro Lux LED Headlight Bulbs


These bulbs are a great addition to my2016 F250. So much brighter than factory and I never use brights anymore View more reviews...
Posted By Trent K (WEST POINT, NE) / March 26, 2019
2016 Ford F-250

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