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Fog Light Bulbs

If you are having trouble seeing down the road at night or if you live in a foggy area, then having high-quality fog light bulbs is a necessity for your visibility. Factory fog lights are dim and yellow, which is not the best solution for illumination a road at night. Our high quality fog light bulbs and fog lamp products range from strictly basic stock replacement bulbs, all the way to high-powered options much brighter than factory bulbs in a variety of colors. Whether you need to see oncoming traffic, keep an eye out for wildlife, or maneuver through foggy weather during your morning commute, our headlights and fog lights have got you covered. With a new set of fog light bulbs on your vehicle, you’ll be able to tackle all weather conditions and hazards while driving.

Give your car the very best with AutoAnything's line of quality driving lights. Our fog light replacement products will make sure you have plenty of time to see and react to hazards ahead on the road, keeping you and your family safe 24/7. Call our friendly product experts at (800) 874-8888 and we will help select the right fog light bulb replacement for your vehicle.
Fog Light Bulbs Reviews
Check out this recent PIAA Xtreme White Bulbs customer review: Richard L from Fort Bragg, CA says "I love PIAA bulbs, period. They are a bit costly, but when you live in a rural area like I do, it's especially important. Lots of deer and other types of wildlife, so the earlier you can spot em, the better. It becomes a safety issue really. The sooner you can spot danger or a potentially dangerous situation, the more time you have to react to it, bottom line. That's why to me, the PIAA bulbs are well worth the cost."
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Customer Reviews

Putco Optic 360 LED Fog Lamp Bulbs

needed a great replacement bulb for my fog/driving lights

this bulb does a fantastic job lighting up my road in front of me.... I like to see as much as possible.... with my night driving this lamp does the trick.. View more reviews...
Posted By Lee B (Lunenburg, MA) / May 13, 2020
2011 Ford F-350
Sylvania SilverStar zXe Bulbs

Flood light bulbs.

These bulbs are perfect for brightness! They are not that really bright blueish white bulbs that are blinding to other drivers. I would say they are in between the OE bulbs and the blueish white bulbs on color. I did have to trim one of the corners of the tabs to twist in the socket. No big deal. I love them!!! View more reviews...
Posted By Martin B (Windsor, CA) / February 15, 2020
2015 Ram 1500
Putco Silver-Lux LED Headlight Conversion Kit

Ram 1500 projector retrofit

I swapped out my stock reflector headlights for a set of Spyder projectors and was informed there would be a loss of light output. I included Putoc silver lux led lights as part of the retro and I'm very happy with the light output. In fact the light output is much better than the stock headlights and with the projector "cut off line", there is no reason to worry about shining my headlights too brightly into oncoming traffic. View more reviews...
Posted By Ronald P (SPOKANE, WA) / July 24, 2019
2014 Dodge Ram