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  • Part #: 9006H
  • Bulb Size: 9006
  • Sold in pairs
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Product Info
  • With a pair of PlasmaGlow Xenon Bulbs, you can finally get your ride out of the 20th century
  • PlasmaGlow uses a unique formula of Xenon and Krypton gas allowing for improved light output and greater style compared to your factory bulbs
  • PlasmaGlow bulbs are sold in a variety of standard sizes, allowing virtually limitless applications
  • A variety of colors are available so you can easily express yourself on the road
  • All bulbs are sold in pairs to make upgrading easy
  • Backed by an industry leading, no questions asked 10-year warranty
It’s pretty crazy to think that there was a time when cars didn’t all have headlights standard. Just imagine the lack of nightlife if we didn’t have headlights. Imagine how dangerous highways would be, and how impossibly long road trips would take if we had to pull over the moment the sun began to set. That’s why it's pretty crazy that even today, over a century after headlights became more commonplace, that so many of them are still subpar. If you’re tired of struggling to see the road ahead of you and hate the way those old yellow halogens look on your otherwise Instagram worthy ride, you need to check out PlasmaGlow Xenon Bulbs! They’re made to be a simple upgrade that looks great and performs even better!

PlasmaGlow shines brighter than the competition, both literally and figuratively. This is thanks to their unique construction. Only PlasmaGlow uses a combination of Xenon and Krypton gas in their bulbs. This allows for a brighter, more consistent glow compared to lesser bulbs. Night time drives will instantly become more clear. With a variety of bulb sizes available, you can easily find a set that will fit virtually any car, truck, van, or SUV on the road! Headlights, fog lights, daytime running lights, and even reverse lights are all fair game to be quickly and easily updated! Better yet, installation can take a matter of seconds because there is no additional wiring or harnesses needed! They plug right into your factory bulb connectors and work immediately!

PlasmaGlow also lets you fully express yourself because their Xenon bulbs are available in a variety of colors depending on your bulb size. Choose from bulbs tinted in blue, gold, green, yellow, red, and even purple! The Crystal White option will allow your daily driver to look like a brand new high end European car equipped with a factory HID system. These bulbs are designed to last longer and perform better than any halogen ever could. All bulbs are sold in pairs and will include everything you need to completely rejuvenate your dated lighting system. Oh, and PlasmaGlow puts their money where their mouth is. These custom bulbs are backed by an industry leading, no questions asked 10 year warranty. If they begin flickering or get dim, they’ll replace them. It really doesn’t get better than that. Unless of course you shop with us here at AutoAnything! That’s because we will ship your order fast, right to your door! And if you have any questions, our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team is standing by seven days a week to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the color options work?
Depending on your color choice, the bulb will have a tinted film on top of the bulb in that color. It will provide a slight glow in that color and, depending on your light housing, be noticeable in the daytime with the light off as well. The light itself will still be primarily white, no matter your choice.

What does plug-n-play mean?
Plug-n-play products, like these bulbs, require virtually no modifications to install in your vehicle. They install in the same location, using the same hardware as your factory lights. They also work with your factory wiring harness.

Can I buy individual bulbs?
All PlasmaGlow Xenon Bulbs are sold in pairs and cannot be purchased separately.

What size bulbs do I need?
These PlasmaGlow Bulbs are meant to be a direct replacement for your factory bulbs. Please find out what size bulb your vehicle uses and select that size to ensure a proper fit.

Are these bulbs only for headlights?
Thanks to the variety of bulb sizes available, these PlasmaGlow Bulbs can be used in a variety of locations including headlights, fog lights, reverse lights, daytime running lights, and even high beam.


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  • These replacement headlight bulbs are not compatible with HID systems.
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