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Honda Headlight Bulbs

So many of the Hollywood elite insist on the biggest and flashiest cars, it's a nice change of pace to see a guy like Leonardo DiCaprio tooling around in a Honda. It was a long way between "Growing Pains" and "Titanic" for environmentally aware Leonardo, and it seems like a lot of that distance was covered driving fuel friendly Hondas. When DiCaprio is out driving up the dark Pacific Coast Highway in the dead of night, he needs to make sure that he is equipped with top quality Honda headlight bulbs.
And, fortunately for all of us, there have been significant improvements in Honda headlight bulbs in recent years. Using exotic gasses such as halogen and xenon, Honda headlight bulbs put out brighter beams and last longer than ever before. Halogen Honda headlight bulbs emit a strong white beam and they perform consistently throughout their product life. If you want the look of natural daylight, check out our High-Intensity Discharge xenon bulbs. Whichever bulb you select, don't forget that all the parts and accessories featured at AutoAnything come with our 1-year lower price guarantee.
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Customer Reviews

Putco Pure Halogen Headlight Bulbs

2017 GTI

The lights look really nice on my GTI. Installation was very easy 10 minutes for both bulbs. View more reviews...
Posted By Aiah A (Hyattsville, MD) / January 31, 2020
2017 Volkswagen GTI
Putco Silver-Lux LED Headlight Conversion Kit

Ram 1500 projector retrofit

I swapped out my stock reflector headlights for a set of Spyder projectors and was informed there would be a loss of light output. I included Putoc silver lux led lights as part of the retro and I'm very happy with the light output. In fact the light output is much better than the stock headlights and with the projector "cut off line", there is no reason to worry about shining my headlights too brightly into oncoming traffic. View more reviews...
Posted By Ronald P (SPOKANE, WA) / July 24, 2019
2014 Dodge Ram
Putco Nitro Lux LED Headlight Bulbs


These bulbs are a great addition to my2016 F250. So much brighter than factory and I never use brights anymore View more reviews...
Posted By Trent K (WEST POINT, NE) / March 26, 2019
2016 Ford F-250

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