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How to Shop for the Best Headlight Bulbs




Halogen Bulbs

Still considered the most popular lighting option in the automotive industry, halogen bulbs have maintained their popularity due to their long lifespan and low replacement cost. Halogen bulbs create standard illumination and come in a wide range of sizes, which makes them readily available for most makes and models. Halogen bulbs use a mixture of gas and a filament powered by electricity from your car to produce an incandescent reaction. This process creates a huge amount of heat and represents a lot of wasted energy, which makes running halogen bulbs less energy efficient. Adding insult to injury, halogen bulbs are not as easily replaced or installed since they can easily react to various substances, like the salt on your skin, so they should not be touched at any time. Latex gloves are recommended for installation.

LED Bulbs

Ever-improving the technology of every vehicle system, engineers developed LED lights as the new and improved answer to mass-produced lighting. LEDs produce a brilliant, bright light that is easily visible during day or night. They use a minimal amount of power which means that they are the energy-efficient choice and even run on electric cars. LEDs give off a highly concentrated light from the combination of several small light systems working together, so they are easy to manipulate into all kinds of shapes and assemblies. And, since they don’t use the same filament process as halogen bulbs, they are less susceptible to damage during installation. Replacement is a breeze since most LEDs are direct replacement plug-and-play installation. There are several considerations to keep in mind, including the high initial cost of LEDs compared to halogen bulbs, and a lower light output when compared to HID kits, which are often illegal unless the vehicle came factory equipped with them. This is because HIDs are so bright, that unless your headlight housings are specifically designed for HID bulbs, they have a high potential to blind oncoming traffic.

When it comes time to upgrade your headlight bulbs, AutoAnything is pleased to provide Free Shipping and our 1-Year, Lower Price Guarantee on all of our quality lighting systems.

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