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How to Shop for Headlights

Standard Crystal Headlights vs. Projector Style Headlights

While standard crystal headlights offer OEM-like style for original exterior enthusiasts, their reflective nature can present a hazard for oncoming vehicles at night. Projector style housings were designed to distribute an evenly dispersed beam, with a sharper cut-off to create better visibility and less of a blinding sensation for fellow motorists. By swapping out your factory assembly for a projector headlight housing you can upgrade the look and illumination of your front-end with one easy aftermarket mod. Our selection of high-quality projector-style housings uses competitive technology to provide a strong, focused beam to reduce the “scatter loss” of standard headlights. Projector-style housings also allow you to change the type of lights you have simply by plugging in LED or aftermarket halogen bulbs with higher light output. Find your custom lighting set-up at AutoAnything in our selection designed for your specific make and model.

Headlight Housing Color Options

If you’ve decided to go with projector style headlights, your decisions don’t end there. You can further customize your front-end façade by choosing colored headlight housings. Available in a range of finishes to match or accent your exterior aesthetic, this affordable upgrade is the ideal way to convey your custom style. Chrome headlight housings deliver a bright, shiny polished finish that are sure to get you noticed racing around the track or just rolling through town. Boasting a truly unique Euro-feel, Altezza headlight housings feature red and clear projectors encased in a clear acrylic cover. Found on a handful of imports, these distinctive light housings are one way to guarantee your ride gets a double-take at every turn. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a slightly darker appeal, check out our selection of smoke or black headlight housings to overhaul your front-end with a modern, aggressive appearance. All of the colored housing options available from AutoAnything are DOT-approved and street-legal.

Halo Lighting - LED vs. CCFL (Fluorescent)

When it comes to choosing between different lighting types – the acronyms alone are enough to send any shopper over the edge. Halo lighting is no exception. Halo refers to the illuminated ring found around the perimeter of the high and low beam lights within the headlight housing. These were first introduced on BMWs and quickly took the aftermarket world by storm. Halos come in two main styles, LED or CCFL. The following is a simple breakdown of these two most popular halo options, and the different types of each, and what might make one over the other a better choice for you.

LED Halos

  • Energy-saving, LED-powered halo lights use some of the newest technology available to produce an even light while only consuming a small amount of power. Tough and durable, aftermarket LED halos are a great, long-lasting option. With a luminous beam, LEDs are clearly seen during the day and at night for added safety and visibility, but produce a less fluid and pronounced ring than their CCFL counterparts. Simple-to-install and replace, and normally sold as a direct plug-n-play replacement, LED halo lights are an easy and affordable way to increase your illumination.
  • There are two main variations of LED halo lights – Plasma & SMD. Plasma rings are the latest in solid-state LED lighting technology, featuring a Chip-On-Board (COB) design with hundreds of semiconductors making direct contact to the circuit board. Brighter than previous LED rings, Plasma LED rings boast reliable light output that appears as a single ring instead of individual LEDs.
  • By contrast, high-powered SMD LEDs are composed of a 6-Layer circuit board, which gives the ring a rigid structure. Able to produce luminescence so brilliant it can be seen even in direct sunlight, SMD LED rings make use of 12V power without any inverter or other external devices and have an expected life of 100,000 hours.

CCFL Halos

  • Cold Cathode Fluorescnet Light or "CCFL" technology might not be the newest or most advanced but there’s a reason it’s still around. CCFL halos boast an unparalleled high-class look with a vibrant, smooth ambient glow. Most vivid at night, CCFLs are a great way to illuminate amongst the stars. With an uncompromising bright halo, CCFL lights are never confused with a lesser light source. Since CCFL lights are physically manufactured into the light housing and use an external power supply ballast, when the system burns out or malfunctions, the entire housing must be replaced. LED powered halos on the other hand are designed to be replaced through the light housing access hole.

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