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What Are The Best Hella Lights For Dark Driving Conditions?

The Best Hella Lights Options
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This conundrum has plagued the brightest minds in history; at least for the last 100 years that Hella’s been crafting lights anyway. But, since Hella makes a huge lineup of lights and lighting, the answer simply depends on you vehicle and your night driving needs. Let’s take a look at the Hella collection and let you decide:

Hella 500 Light Kit

Hella 500 Light Kit

The Long History of Hella Driving Lights

Hella Headlights

You may not be aware of it, but there’s a good chance that your vehicle already has these. Hella’s been crafting headlights for most major automakers, and all German automakers for nearly 100 years. And, when you buy a replacement—you guessed it—Hella.

Hella Tail Lights

The same goes for taillights. Hella tail lights were a major fixture in the OEM scene for years. That’s changed somewhat in recent times, but they still have a strong presence in the aftermarket, with LED tail lights and light bars.

Hella Optilux 2020 Combo Fog and Driving Lights

Hella Optilux 2020 Combo Fog and Driving Lights

More About The Brightest Hella Lights

Hella Fog Lights

Fog lights, beside head and taillights, are the most common light added by enthusiasts. And, the legendary Hella 500 lights are the go-to beams for most of ‘em. Boasting 55 blazing watts of white-hot power, the Hella 500 puts out a hella lotta light!

Hella Off Road Lights

For drivers that take the night roads less traveled, a set of super-bright off road driving lights is a must. The Hella Black Magic lighting system not only fits the bright bill, but when not in use, they feature a cool black out look that blends right in with your vehicle.

Which Hella Lights Would You Like to Shine on Your Vehicle?

As an established company that’s been lighting up the road ahead for over a century, Hella makes a lot more lighting systems than the ones we’ve covered in this article. But that’s just the point—no matter what kind of automotive lighting you need, turn to Hella to shine the way!

Product Comparison
Hella Optilux 2020 Combo Fog and Driving Lights
Hella 500 Light Kit
Hella Rallye 4000 Series Lights
Product Name
Sale Price
$66.95 /kit
$74.95 /kit
$109.95 each
Customer Rating (7) (102) (23)
Ease of Installation
Beam ColorClearClearClear
Beam StyleDriving LightDriving LightDriving Light
Fog LightFog LightFog Light
Bulb TypeHalogenHalogenHalogen
Size6 3/8"
StyleFull KitFull KitSingle Light
Warranty1-year warranty1-year warranty1-year warranty

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