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Lotus Parts & Lotus Accessories

A while back, I got roped into a conversation with a new-ager about the harmony and cosmic significance of the lotus flower, but my mind had wandered off. His goateed mouth was moving, but I was miles away on a race track behind the wheel of a Lotus sports car. I can't remember whether it was a Lotus Europa or a Lotus Exige, but I can't forget how well it handled. I could dig into a tight corner at nearly full throttle, and my Lotus would just stick right to the apex. I think the Lotus also had been upgraded with some Lotus floor mats, Lotus wiper blades and a Lotus exhaust system from AutoAnything, too. Unfortunately, the crystal-wearer belched midway through his rap on the bohdi tree, and the stench of dolmas woke me from my Lotus daydream.

But then I fell back asleep, thank Gaia, and returned to my Lotus lover, all slick and waxed up, sun gleaming off her paint. Conspicuously, I gazed again upon her sweet Lotus floor mats and, caught in their lush nylon carpeting, lost focus of the road. Suddenly, a tight turn, much like the one I had embraced with such ecstasy before sprang up unexpected. I swerved, eyes now glued to the road, and just barely missed the edge. It seemed I avoided the kind of damage that would have sent me-and my beautiful Lotus-spinning into a world of unimaginable hurt. Yet when I tooled my beautiful lady into the shop, I realized I wasn't completely out of the woods. The auto doctor said I needed quite a few new Lotus parts to get her back in shape. Luckily, I knew where I could get a great deal. With my daydream still reeling full-force, and the granola-breath new-ager beginning to ramble about something called Harmonic Convergence, I remembered AutoAnything.

Lotus Parts

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