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Merkur Parts & Merkur Accessories

Seeking to bank on the cache of Bavaria's reputation for engineering excellence, Ford launched the German-built Merkur line. The two models shipped in from West Germany (the liberty side of The Wall), the Merkur Scorpio and Merkur XR4Ti, initially captured about as much public interest as Kraftwerk's Electric Café LP. However, Merkur today boasts a loyal following, and AutoAnything is here with tons of Merkur accessories at guaranteed low prices. Check out our custom cut Merkur floor mats & liners for some serious interior protection or a high-flow Merkur air filter to enhance your performance and efficiency.

There's a special place for Merkur in AutoAnything's heart. In fact, we hold most Cold War era relics close to our breast because they remind us of a by-gone era when soda cans sported odd packaging and automobiles were nearly all boxy by nature. However, we're concerned that many of the vintage Merkurs may end up disappearing from the roads because their stock auto parts are beginning to grow old and die. In order to protect these precious automobiles from going extinct, we've loaded our digital shelves with a bevy of replacement Merkur parts. Whether you've got a big repair job to do or just a minor tune up, you'll find all the parts you need right here at AutoAnything. Is your air conditioner on the fritz, or maybe your tranny is giving you troubles? A quick pit stop over at AutoAnything for some new Merkur parts can solve any problem under your hood."

Merkur Parts

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