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Dually Mud Guards & Mud Flaps Customer Reviews

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Husky Liners SS Series Mud Guards Reviews

Reviewed by David R (Rome, NY) Reviewed for a 2003 — 2006-04-09 18:50:41

I found that i could install the mud flaps without removing the dually tires. All that you need to do is purchase from a woodworking store or lumber yard as 90 degree chuck attachment for your electric or portable drive. You can then screw in the philips bolts and drill the one hole necessary and then screew in the philips screw and then tighten them all down nicely. The whole process only took 1 hour from start to finish for both sides. The Husky SS Series Mud Guards are very nice looking. All the hardware necessary to attach the Mud Guards come with them and the instructions are simple.

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Dee Zee Custom Fit Dually Splash Guards Reviews

Reviewed by Guy V (Arroyo Grande, CA) Reviewed for a 2005 Ford F350 — 2006-07-28 20:25:14

It seemed a little odd, how the from guards were two pieces, instead of one. For my application it would have been nice if the rear were a little longer (I have a 4x4 that is higher than a 2 wheel drive). I did have some issues with the mounting hardware, I was either short one or had a extra of the fasteners. Also, I only had one strip of the 3M protective tape to protect the paint. I chose not to use it anyway. I also added one additional through fastener on the far inside of the front flaps. I drilled through the truck's factory plastic inner fender liner at its bottom and put a stainless steel 1/4"-20 bolt, fender washers, and nylock nut to retain the inside edge of the mud flap. They do look good on the truck, and fit pretty well. The radius on the rubber adapter for the front flaps were the ones that didn't fit well. The outer radius of one of them didn't fit the mud flap's mating radius perfectly. With a lot of effort, I got it to fit and look right.

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