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2011 Acura Zdx
Running Boards, Side Steps & Nerf Bars

2011 Acura Zdx Running Boards, Side Steps & Nerf Bars

Sitting up high gives you a commanding view of the road, and everyone else around you, but that also makes getting in and out of your vehicle difficult for some, including the elderly, children, those with certain disabilities, and thu uh, vertically challenged among us. Nerf bars and side steps are one of the most popular solutions out there, sometimes even coming stock on new trucks and SUVs. Check out our handy Truck Cab Guide to gain some insight about determining your truck's cab style. You can also review our Top 10 Running Boards and Nerf Bars for 2020.

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In addition to the convenience of getting in and out, they can also protect you from inconsiderate human beings who carelessly open their doors wantonly, leaving dents and digs in the doors of your precious vehicle, and then exit without an apology. There are several options for you to choose from such as running boards, nerf bars, side steps, and more. But what’s the difference between them and which one is right for you?

Nerf Bars:

If your truck comes without any form of step up, or the flimsy plastic decorative ones, you may find yourself wanting to add a nerf bar to your vehicle. Nerf bars are custom crafted to fit your truck. These are usually round or oval bars that attach to the frame of your vehicle. These are a classic look that wouldn’t look out of place on OJ’s Bronco or a new truck right off the lot.

Running Boards:

Running boards also provide a solid surface for stepping up on to get you into your truck. However, unlike nerf bars, they have a stepping area that runs the length of the entire bar. So, if you are trying to reach into the bed of your truck, or for whatever reason the roof, you are able to do so. They are available in fixed style as well as powered style. You can have running boards that are always out and visible, and ones that tuck under and only come out when you need them. All depends on what look you are going for. Most of the running boards that you find come as an easy bolt on design so that you will not need to modify your beloved truck by cutting or drilling.

Side Steps:

Side steps are a great choice if you are only looking for a step up in a single place but don’t want to have a large bar. You can place a side step near the back of the cab, near the bed, for easy access, or wherever else you want to attach them. They are small, but just as durable as other step-up options.

Whatever type of step rails you consider for you truck, van, or SUV, you can rest assured that quality and style are guaranteed. They come in a wide variety of colors to match your vehicle flawlessly. They are also a custom fitted option for your vehicle because they are built specifically to your make and model. So, the next time you want to take the kids, the pets, the grandparents, or even those shorter friends of yours for a ride in your lifted truck, you can be prepared. Save your back and give them a step up they will appreciate, and you will love.

The search for where you can get the most stylish, highly durable, fully functional and best value for money when it comes to your side steps for your SUV, truck or van is over! Still unsure of which to get? No problem. Contact us today and we will make sure your next step is on a solid, durable truck accessory.
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2011 Kia Sorento
APS iStep Hitch Steps


Built well and looks good. When backing though--you have to remember it is there. View more reviews...
Posted By Randal S (Birmingham, AL) / October 25, 2020
2017 Jeep Wrangler
Go Rhino Hitch Step

Here is an easy step up into the bed of your truck

I'm an older truck owner so it wasn't that easy to get into the back of my truck. Now with this hitch step, it is no problem at all. The build quality looks good. Not sure about any rust issues since I just installed it. Maybe a second review in a few months to report on that. I really like it and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy step into the back of your truck. View more reviews...
Posted By Philip G (Vacaville, CA) / October 18, 2020

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