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When is it Time to Change Your Oil & Oil Filter?

Changing Your Oil
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Did you know that changing your oil every three months is really more of a myth these days? Depending on what you drive, how often you drive and what kind of oil you use, you may be able to go much longer than 90 days between oil changes. If you’re wondering when is it time to change your oil & filter, you may want to check your owner’s manual to see what is suggested for your specific vehicle.

K&N Oil Filters

K&N Oil Filters

Is it Time to Change Your Oil?

We always recommend changing your oil filter and oil at the same time. Meaning, every time you change your oil, it’s a good idea to change your oil filter as well. Choosing high-quality oil and oil filters, however, will help lengthen the time between oil and filter changes. And, don’t mistake changing your oil filter with changing your auto air filter. Unlike your air filter which may last 30,000 miles, oil filters need to be checked and changed far more often than that.

Many newer cars using standard oil can last close to 7,500 miles between oil changes. That’s about 8 months for the average driver. And, if you choose to use synthetic oil on your vehicle, you may be able to go more like 15,000 to 20,000 miles before you need an oil change.

Champion Classic & Muscle Car Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Champion Classic & Muscle Car Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

What's the Best Oil for Your Vehicle?

Whether you’re looking for a Ford Explorer oil filter or a Honda Pilot oil filter, you’ll want to choose one made by a name you can trust, like K&N oil filters. Just like Flowmaster is one of the leading names in exhaust systems, K&N is one of the leading names when it comes to high-quality oil filters. In fact, K&N designs top-notch Ford oil filters, Honda oil filters, Toyota oil filters and more. Each one is made for your specific year, make and model, and is designed to filter, flow and hold pressure better than the cheap oil filters you’ll find at the corner market. Don’t take our word for it, though. Nearly every K&N oil filters review will tell you the same thing.

In order to treat your car to the best, be sure to check out the K&N oil filter review section on our website. You’ll see just what consumers have to say about the quality of the K&N oil filter. Or, you can search for Ford F150 oil filter or 2010 Ford F150 oil filter to find out which filters are recommended for your exact year, make and model vehicle.

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K&N Oil Filters
Champion Blue Flame Synthetic Blend Diesel Motor Oil
Champion Blue Flame Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil
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