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Power Programmers & Performance Tuners

Performance Tuners

Don’t just sit in the driver’s seat, take full control of it with one of AutoAnything’s selection of power programmers. They’re here to do more than just boost your horsepower. Though, you know there’ll be plenty of that, too. Performance tuners help you control and monitor almost all of your vehicle’s critical settings, taking the drain out of deciphering diagnostics and making it easy to optimize for things like torque, throttle, tire size, fuel economy, shift firmness, and even your rear-end gear ratio.

Power programmers are devices that plug in to the interface under your dash and allow you to make adjustments to your vehicle performance on the fly. Simply plug in details about your build, terrain, and performance goals. The interface then helps you set the right adjustments to your power profile.

What Are Performance Tuners?

Performance tuners offer a similar experience to power programmers, but they do a few things differently. Most tuners are custom-built to your car, with the details about its mechanical systems built in from the beginning. This makes them less flexible as you upgrade, but it allows them to be much more plug and play friendly for those who have clear goals like maximizing fuel efficiency or throttle response times.

Best Selling Power Programmers & Performance Tuners

As with most car accessories and performance upgrades, the best-selling options are usually the ones customers feel provide the best value. They are usually mid-priced offerings that provide you with a lot more than the price tag makes you think you will get, after all, they are best sellers for a reason, right?

  • Bully Dog GT Platinum Tuner
  • DiabloSport inTune i3 tuner
  • SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer

Budget-Friendly Power Programs & Performance Tuners

The basic and cost-effective offerings from Range and Superchips are a great place to start if you are looking for the benefits of a tuner on a budget. That can be the best way to start if you have never used one.

Most Durable Power Programs & Performance Tuners

It's hard to say for sure what the most durable options are because it's a matter of the reviewer and the particular parts when you perform durability tests. Going by customer reviews, the top-performing choices are the RaceChip Performance Module and the Diablo Trinity T2 EX Tuner.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Power Programs & Performance Tuners Through AutoAnything

With a wide selection at great prices, fast shipping, and a responsive return and exchange program, what more reason do you need? Find your tuner today.

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Customer Reviews

Range Active Fuel Management Disable Device

All I can say is awesome!!!

This device works flawlessly. Keeps the V8 in V8 mode like it should be. Who wants a 4 cylinder Camaro? Not me. The cylinder deactivation sounds good maybe, but does not create better fuel economy. View more reviews...
Posted By David P (Dixon, MO) / March 26, 2023
2018 Chevy Silverado
Bully Dog GT Platinum Tuner

Wow for the Bully Dog GT

Its easy to install an set up. It really made a big deference in power an shifts smooth but I'am waiting for the weather to get nice so I can pull my 5th wheel an see how it does an I'am sure it will be great. So far I'am happy with it. View more reviews...
Posted By George G (SPEARFISH, SD) / April 13, 2022
2016 Chevy Silverado
DiabloSport inTune i3 Tuner


I got the programmer to adjust the cooling fan temp setting and turn off the MDS. It has done just that, my engine temp is running just right and the MDS is off. MDS is the best example of over engineering I can think of. View more reviews...
Posted By john k (theodore, AL) / May 21, 2021