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Jet Performance Chips & Programmers

Jet Performance Chips

Is that truck or sports car feeling low energy? If babe’s got the blues, it’s time to treat your ride to the ultimate power boost of a Jet Performance chip. Let’s face it: today’s vehicles are more technologically complicated than ever before. And you aren’t an electrician. So, if you’re feeling frustrated by confusing tripwires and diabolic diagnostic coding, think of AutoAnything’s line of Jet Performance chips as the express lane bypass right to white-knuckle performance gains.
You shouldn’t be fenced in and neither should your engine. A Jet chip breaks your car, truck or SUV out of the barely-acceptable, boxed in confines of factory settings to deliver the torque, increased MPGs and horsepower you crave. It doesn’t really matter if you are hauling heavy loads up insane hills or burning rubber in the weekend race circuit, Jet Performance chips put peak performance at your fingertips.

Jet Performance chips have been custom-made to fit the make, model and year of your ride for over 35 years. So, you’ll get years of experienced engineering and precision programming that lets you adjust your vehicle’s air and fuel ratios, speedometer calibration, shift points and firmness levels, top speed limiter, and rev limiter to your liking. Initial programming is straightforward with an easy-to-read, backlit LCD screen and takes most people under a minute to adjust. But, you can also take advantage of the pre-loaded programming that was created by the engineers at Jet Performance to get plug-and-play performance with zero tuning or fussing.

Gas, diesel - it doesn’t matter. There is a Jet chip ready to soup up your powertrain and crack the code to cutting edge performance. Installation couldn’t be easier, either. So, whether you need a little help harnessing the muscle on your ride or are ready to really unleash the power under that hood, there is a complete Jet Performance setup to have you setting pretty. All of AutoAnything’s products - including the Jet Performance Xcelerator, V-Force Plus Power Control Module, and Performance Module - have customer reviews from drivers just like you. Plus, Jet Performance backs all their programmers with a manufacturer-issued 1-year warranty. So, you can buy the right product with confidence.

We’re equally as dedicated to quality product for your car, truck or SUV as we are to saving you some of that cash you work so hard for. When you shop AutoAnything’s lineup of tuners and programmers, you are automatically eligible for our 1-year lower price guarantee. If you find a Jet chip or other product at another retailer, we’ll beat by the price by $1. So, there should be absolutely nothing holding you back from the horsepower and efficiency you’ve always wanted to see from your car, truck or SUV.
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Customer Reviews

Jet Performance Module

Happy Motor Home

This product woke up my 7.4 L 454 gas engine. The problem I had was when the clutch fan would engage it would kill the power and lay down going up hill or not. After install it drives right through it and keeps on going. It seems to have a power ban of 2500 to 3000. VERY HAPPY MAN View more reviews...
Posted By Tony K (Snowflake, AZ) / July 24, 2020
2000 Chevy C/K 3500
Jet Performance Xcelerator

Quick reaction

It definitely helps with throttle response View more reviews...
Posted By Jay R (GILBERT, AZ) / April 26, 2019
2017 Toyota Tacoma