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Hypertech Performance Chips & Programmers

Hypertech Programmer

If you see every roadway as your raceway, a Hypertech power programmer is going to be the friend you want in your cockpit. From the classic Max Energy to the Sport model, which is a bit like getting a custom dyno tune for your sports car (but, you know, without the price tag), you can expect nothing less than pure performance bliss when you slide into your ride after installing your new Hypertech programmer.

Ever wish you could control your vehicle's tuning program so you could optimize if for the task at hand? Power programmers are the accessory you need to do just that. They allow you to customize settings for everything from maximum safe towing capacity to optimal acceleration and fuel efficiency.

How Do Hypertech Power Programmers Work?

Models like the Hypertech Power Programmer 3 allow you to control the power output of your vehicle in a few ways to realize maximum performance without putting an unsafe strain on the engine. It does this by providing you with control over the tuning settings monitored by the vehicle's ECM, allowing you to customize the power profile.

How Much Do Hypertech Power Programmers Cost?

This question depends a lot on exactly what you need to make your new power programmer work. A new Hypertech Power Programmer usually starts at about $400. Depending on your vehicle and the work needed to custom fit it, you might have to invest in a model that costs a little more. On top of that, there are additional accessories from Hypertech that many drivers choose to order with a power programmer to fully optimize their vehicles.

How Long Do Hypertech Power Programmers Last

When you set up a custom power program Hypertech device, it's natural to wonder how long you can enjoy that power profile before needing to buy a new unit. Many vehicle parts are built to wear out after a while, after all. The good news is that power programmers do not work that way. Like your car's ECM, they sometimes malfunction and require replacement, but they do not have a set expected lifespan. If you keep your other vehicle well maintained, it could last long enough to be installed on your next car.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Hypertech Power Programmers Through AutoAnything

When you order a new power programmer through AutoAnything, you can count on the same risk-free return policy and supportive customer service that makes shopping for all your other parts and accessories such a great experience.

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Customer Reviews

Hypertech Max Energy Programmer


Really woke my truck up View more reviews...
Posted By Greg P (CHECK, VA) / July 16, 2020
2000 GMC Sierra
Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator

Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator

The in-line calibrator was easy to install after I found the instructions on the Hypertech web site. The instructions were very good and the pictures were correct. I chose the in-line as if I ever go back to stock tires, I merely remove the device. If I change to larger or smaller tires, I just have to download the new file. My only complaint is having to use a Microsoft PC. I wish I could have used my Mac. View more reviews...
Posted By Lynel W (BURNSVILLE, NC) / June 20, 2020
2016 Chevy Colorado
Hypertech React Throttle Optimizer


With the product being made in America it's a reasonable price.. The picture quality of the instructions were poor. But overall the details describing how to install where good.. The adjustment dial for the throttle Optimizer could be made differently dissatisfied with that portion of it... Overall it is a good product with that said, I would recommend doing research and finding a similar product or this product that best fits you and your car.. With the rain I was not able to test at this time View more reviews...
Posted By brad c (MINNETONKA, MN) / May 2, 2019
2016 Dodge Charger