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DiabloSport Performance Chips & Programmers

DiabloSport Programmer

Do you get excited every time you see a Sci-Fi movie with the cars that have big, heads-up displays with every setting only wish you could play with? It may seem like that sort of technology is reserved for fiction, but DiabloSport is bringing it right to every automotive enthusiast with their feature-filled Diablo tuner and Diablo programmer options. Gone are the days of frustration from not knowing what’s going on under the hood - or worse, just knowing that it’s not living up to its fullest potential. Now you can have full readouts and live updates of every detail of your ride, helping you tap into every single bit of horsepower you have.
Don’t be limited by the sleepy stock settings of your car. Our selection of Diablo sport tuners and programmers don’t just allow you to monitor your car's performance, they allow you to fully take the wheel and adjust a custom tune for your vehicle. A Diablo tuner will let you optimize your throttle, MPGs, intake and fuel systems at the touch of a button, while storing different profiles according to the situation at hand.

DiabloSport products are engineered by fellow petrol heads (or diesel, if that’s what floats your boat), so you know that every feature is intentional and designed to bring you optimal performance from bumper to bumper. Being able to access the readouts on a handheld device can be extremely useful, and the inTune Diablo tuner series is a great place to look for a sleek and simple look in your car's interior. If you’re looking for a more fixed solution and a bigger display, DiabloSport has a range of dedicated external performance tuners that can be mounted right onto your dash, like a window into what’s happening under the hood.

If having even more information about your vehicle excites you, you can extend the capabilities of your new Diablo Sport tuner with their range of module accessories that can be added to the diagnostic system of your car, truck or SUV. Instead of forking out on a whole new vehicle to be your weekend cruiser, why not consider tuning your current car to suit both your needs? Diablo programmers allow you to nip and tuck each setting and then save them to separate tunes. So, your daily driver can be the perfectly respectable car during the week - complete with a smooth ride and better MPGs. But, on the weekends, that same ride can be a whole new beast with your own custom performance tune.

Save yourself thousands of dollars by buying a dyno and visiting the mechanic. Invest in a Diablo Sport tuner and, as long as your vehicle has an OBD2 port, you’ll be road-ready in less than 2 minutes. It’s so easy that even our most novice car enthusiasts have been able to maximize the powerhouse potential of their cars, trucks and SUVs. So, find your Diablo programmer at AutoAnything and take advantage of our free shipping and 1-year lower price guarantee today.
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Customer Reviews

DiabloSport inTune i3 Tuner


I got the programmer to adjust the cooling fan temp setting and turn off the MDS. It has done just that, my engine temp is running just right and the MDS is off. MDS is the best example of over engineering I can think of. View more reviews...
Posted By john k (theodore, AL) / May 21, 2021
DiabloSport Trinity T2 EX Tuner

Larry Adams, Old dog new tricks

I bought a 2013 CTS coup with a V-6 engine about 320hp new for my wife, it runs OK but not like the CTS-V's. So I wanted to see what would happen with a turner and bought this Diablo, I really like the gages it's like the "heads up" my GMC Denali has. I the first tune I loaded (the modified stock) did not impress me, so I loaded the 91 octane program. I AM IMPRESSED! The car is faster in automatic but, in automatic stick shift you really feel it. Buy one and try it. View more reviews...
Posted By Larry G (Bakersfield, CA) / August 5, 2020
DiabloSport Predator P2 Tuner

great product

I did have an edge programmer before that worked but started having issues with it. Now that I switched I am very happy. I mostly do what I can for economy and this product has helped. I get almost 23 mph on highway that's more than I get with the edge. I did try the other modes and they did hurt mileage but it did open up the truck. I'm very satisfied with this tuner, might get the trinity some time in the future. View more reviews...
Posted By Timothy E (DEER PARK, TX) / March 18, 2020
2007 Dodge Ram