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Edge Performance Chips & Programmers

The days of being able to add power with nothing but a wrench are long gone, and it’s a real shame in some ways. Overall, though, we here at AutoAnything welcome our computerized overlords wholeheartedly, and love the fact that you can unlock more power and efficiency from software alone. Whether towing, street driving, or headed down the race track Edge programmers allow you to pull the full potential from your motor. Simple to install and set up, Edge chips will allow you to monitor your truck and SUV like never before. Edge programmers are a safe way to unlock tunes built for power, towing torque, or fuel efficiency.
Each tune is developed and tested extensively by professional tuners at Edge Performance to suit your driving needs. Most Edge performance products also include a LCD display so you can see real time everything your truck is doing. 50 state legal Edge tuners mean even us Californians get to play with the fun toys too.

To maintain a balance of reliability, efficiency and environmental requirements, and a little built in wiggle room for future improvement, auto manufacturers tend to leave a little bit of power on the table. This extra power can be safely accessed by an Edge chips that has been built for your exact make and model. Whether you drive a gas or diesel truck you can un-tap unused potential in your motor. Don’t get left behind when you are towing up the hills again!

The tuners at Edge Performance spend countless hours building tunes that will be safe while delivering more power at the same time. Not all tunes are suitable for all driving conditions like towing. Edge performance will display a warning to let you know what your tune can be used for. Edge performance didn’t forget about you California, they have units that are 50 state legal! With Edge programmers you are able to change the tune so you can go from a safe fuel efferent tune for a road trip to a full power tune.

Forget about a dash covered with gauges, Edge chips are an all in one solution for monitoring your truck. Gauge pods can easily take over your field of view when you need to monitor things like oil temp, coolant temp, RPM, EGT’s. Edge Tuners have available digital dashes that will tell you everything your motor is doing in real time. With custom dashes you can configure your screen to show you everything you need to see while you are headed down the road. Edge tuners can be mounted on your dash or tucked away in the glove box for a clean look. Or upgrade to a dash pod for your Edge programmer that is custom made to fit your truck.
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Customer Reviews

Edge Pulsar LT Control Module

Excellent Bolt on Programmer

This Module is a needed bolt on for GM owners who want their V8 to remain a V8. As manufactures try to squeak out every MPG they can to meet government regulations were stuck driving vehicles that are being tamed. This module allows you to shut off these computer programs concerned with gas mileage and get your motors true performance back. I notice my engines performance the moment I stepped on the gas after installing this device. Highly recommended love the additional features & quality. View more reviews...
Posted By Michael H (Port ST Lucie, FL) / July 20, 2022
Edge Pulsar In Line Module

2019 RAM 1500 Classic--Performance Upgrade

Pedal response and overall engine performance improved dramatically. It's like driving a totally different vehicle now - much better. I contacted RAM Customer Service and Diablosport Customer Service to confirm no warranty void before installing. Very happy with this product. View more reviews...
Posted By Frank M (Pflugerville, TX) / April 16, 2019
2019 Dodge Ram
Edge Evolution CS2 Programmer

Great Addition

I purchased this as an addition to the K&N cold air intake on my 6.0 L Powerstroke. I am very pleased with the ease of installation and use. Installation is so simple that my 13 year old son installed it. I have played around with the different settings but haven't checked the MPG yet. I have noticed a power increase which was needed for towing our 10,500 lbs travel trailer. Even my wife loves the improvements to the point where she wants to drive the truck over her Mercedes GLK. View more reviews...
Posted By Jay A (ROY, WA) / October 28, 2018
2004 Ford F-250