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Banks Performance Chips & Programmers

What if I told you your car’s engine is not utilizing its maximum potential? What if I told you there are products out there that can tap into that power? This can be done with Banks performance parts. Whether you have a gas or diesel powered engine, Banks tuner products can help you squeeze out those few more ponies and MPG’s. If you need that little added edge in your towing, Banks chips will give you the power you need to haul your load. And if you prefer diesel engines, Banks diesel line of products are what you are looking for.
For over 50 years, Banks Engineering has been a leader in the aftermarket industry. Starting with performance kits for the hot rods of yesteryear, they now provide products across the entire spectrum. Now, they research, design, test, manufacture, and implement all of their products in house. With almost everything going digital in the market, Banks provides a wide variety of upgrades for the ECU and computers on current vehicles. They still manufacture and sell performance parts, while keeping up with the ever changing industry.

Today’s engines are ran, tuned, and controlled by computers. Unless you are a computer genius, tweaking these small but mighty computers can be complicated. Leave it to the experts at Banks performance to develop an easy solution for us. Banks tuners make tuning your engine easier than ever. Simply plug and play, and you have all the access at your fingertips. Banks chips are the easiest and safest way to maximize your engines power output in your car or truck. Each Banks tuner comes with integrated safety features to prevent your engine from grenading.

Whether you are towing a small boat, or a stable of horses, adding a load to your vehicle will always put a burden on your engine’s performance. Under heavy load, your engine feels like you lost half your cylinders! With Banks chips, your engine would never feel inadequate for the job. Each Banks diesel tuner comes with different settings for different applications. There is a power setting for when you need every last ounce of power, and there is an eco-mode for when you want to save a little gas under light loads. All can be done with the flip of a switch in the comfort of your driver’s seat. With each tuner made specifically for your make and model, your Banks performance tuner will be ready to plug and play to your car or truck.

Boosting your car or truck’s power has never been easier or safer than now. With simple plug and play procedures, you can tap into your vehicle’s full potential in minutes. If you prefer to roll coal, Banks diesel products can squeeze out every bit of torque in that engine. Boost your knowledge of chip tuners with our buyer’s guides and user reviews.
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Banks Pedal Monster


absolutely a great add fantastic View more reviews...
Posted By Wendell M (Redding, CA) / March 27, 2021
Banks AutoMind Programmer

Easy installation

Installation was easy and tech support was great. Only reason I didn't give any 5 star ratings is because I'm waiting to see what the gas mileage is. View more reviews...
Posted By Paul A (MOSCOW, ID) / May 11, 2019
2012 Ford F-150
Banks EconoMind Tuner

It's a sweet setup

Installing this is very straight forward. It took about 1 1/2hrs start to finish. But I already had an EGT probe and iDash 1.8 installed prior. I don't think I'll ever use settings above 3 because I tow a lot. 1 being stock, 2 daily driving, and 3 for towing. The rest is gravy. It's nice that it's a clean tune and has a lot of safety features to keep the motor within it's limits. Some say it's not the most powerful, but I feel it is the safest. And I want longevity along with the extra power. View more reviews...
Posted By Matthew S (WEST JORDAN, UT) / December 23, 2018
2008 GMC Sierra