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Bully Dog Performance Chips & Programmers

Bully Dog Programmer

Say hello to horsepower and meet your new Bully Dog programmer. It’s a beautiful blend of high-tech add-ons and high-speed performance prepared to pump up your pony output, increase torque on that truck and ramp up your MPGs.

Boost your vehicle’s engine performance and increase fuel efficiency with Bully Dog programmers and performance accessories. These state-of-the-art devices give you total control over engine performance settings, letting you make changes quickly and smoothly.

What Are Performance Chips & Programmers?

For modders, the best aftermarket parts, such as cold air intakes and turbochargers, are only part of the goal. To take advantage of the performance boosts from upgraded parts, you need to tweak engine settings.

Every type of vehicle tuner is different, but many allow you to modify settings for the automatic transmission, air-fuel ratio and ignition timing. The result can be an increase in torque output and horsepower with lower fuel consumption.

Performance chips and programmers are technically different mod systems. A performance chip installs under the hood and delivers information to the vehicle’s module. Programmers are plug-and-play devices that can store many settings for faster tuning.

Best Selling Performance Chips & Programmers

The best Bully Dog engine programmers give you tons of control over different vehicle settings. That way, you can fine-tune and get the output results you’re looking for. It’s also helpful to have many slots for saving programmed settings.

Budget-Friendly Performance Chips & Programmers

Engine programmers are one area where you need to balance price and quality. It’s not worth purchasing a cheap tuner that breaks after a few months. You want something that you can store safely and conveniently in the front seat with you for any trip.

Most Durable Performance Chips & Programmers

Having a variety of presets lets you adapt your vehicle’s engine operations to specific needs. For example, you may want to prioritize squeezing out maximum torque when you’re planning on hauling your boat or heading off-road for some rock crawling. Other settings can save you fuel on long road trips or everyday commutes.

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Customer Reviews

Bully Dog GT Platinum Tuner

Wow for the Bully Dog GT

Its easy to install an set up. It really made a big deference in power an shifts smooth but I'am waiting for the weather to get nice so I can pull my 5th wheel an see how it does an I'am sure it will be great. So far I'am happy with it. View more reviews...
Posted By George G (SPEARFISH, SD) / April 13, 2022
2016 Chevy Silverado
Bully Dog Performance Chip

Different KNOB

The chip brought my old truck back to life. The switch though is very chip make sure you are looking at the 4 position chip not the six position chip. View more reviews...
Posted By Mark S (RIVERSIDE, CA) / July 24, 2019
Bully Dog BDX Tuner

Great programmer and very easy to use

This is a great programmer that is very easy to use. I do suggest setting up your programmer with updates at your pc first it saves time. The only reason I say this is the updates take some time. As for custom tunes that download those are good and I have not changed anything for the stock updates. It would be nice to have better understanding on what you can change in your tune in the prompts and what that may do for your truck. Just a suggestion View more reviews...
Posted By Jason S (HILLSBORO, OR) / July 18, 2019
2012 Ford F-150