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Banks Six-Gun Tuner

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  • The Six-Gun Tuner primes your diesel rig for massive torque and power gains
  • Custom tuned for your specific year, make and model vehicle
  • Six levels of change-on-the-fly power for hair-trigger power adjustments
  • Specifically calibrated for racing and street sport
  • Tunes pulse width, timing and fuel pressure
  • Use as a stand-alone tuner, with Banks' in-cab switch, or with the Banks IQ Dashboard PC
  • When paired with your IQ Dashboard PC, the Six-Gun becomes a complete performance command center
  • Maximizes output of your other mods like performance intake and exhaust
  • Packed with safety features to protect your powerplant from damage
  • Temperature-based fuel-limiting control
  • Torque converter and clutch lockup protection
  • Detects and controls transmission slip
  • Provides cold-engine protection
  • Your Banks Six-Gun Tuner is backed by a 2-year warranty

If you aim to drop the competition, don't show up with a pea-shooter. Pack the Banks Six-Gun Diesel Tuner and your rig's strapped with 6-levels of on on-the-fly power. By pulling the trigger on weak factory settings, Banks loads your powerplant for high-performance. Plus, an arsenal of built-in safety features keeps your trusty sidearm protected.

The Six Gun is available in several configurations. Use it alone, with the 6-level in-cab switch, or pair it with your Banks IQ Dashboard PC for the ultimate vehicle command center. Holster this peacemaker with performance mods like intake and exhaust and stake your claim as the fastest gun in the west. With Banks on your hip, you pack the firepower to face any showdown.

Got an itchy trigger-finger for a high-caliber shot of power and torque? The Banks Six Gun Tuner's a sure-shot. From extreme performance gains to an unmatched combination of safety and versatility, the Six-Gun packs a powerful charge. Best yet, Banks provides cover with a 2-year warranty.

  • Banks strongly recommends airflow improvements like intake and exhaust to achieve stated horsepower and torque gains.
Moss Warranty Act Statement

Thanks to the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act: US Code – Title 15, Chapter 50, Sections 2301-2312, your vehicle’s factory warranty is protected by law when you add aftermarket parts.

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