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Dodge Speedometer Calibrators

If you've upgraded to new gears or tires but forgotten to tell your vehicle's brain box, your speedometer is no longer able to keep you out of trouble. One of AutoAnything's Dodge speedometer calibrators could give your instrument cluster the information it needs, so it can give you better info and you won't have to hear the details from a state trooper. AutoAnything's Dodge Hypertech speedometer calibrator will also act as a Dodge engine code reader, so you won't have to pay $60 to learn that your gas cap is loose.
If you're shopping for a new Dodge odometer calibrator but forgotten to do any comparison shopping, AutoAnything has you covered. Our 1-year lower price guarantee means we've already done the shopping for you, identified the lowest price on the market, and prices our Dodge accessories even lower. That's why AutoAnything is still the best place to find your Dodge accessories and parts for the best prices, period.
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Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator

Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator

The in-line calibrator was easy to install after I found the instructions on the Hypertech web site. The instructions were very good and the pictures were correct. I chose the in-line as if I ever go back to stock tires, I merely remove the device. If I change to larger or smaller tires, I just have to download the new file. My only complaint is having to use a Microsoft PC. I wish I could have used my Mac. View more reviews...
Posted By Lynel W (BURNSVILLE, NC) / June 20, 2020
2016 Chevy Colorado
Superchips FlashCal F5 Calibration Tool

Spot on!!

The calibration was PERFECT!! Very easy to use!! View more reviews...
Posted By Guy E R (Los Angeles, CA) / April 14, 2020
2005 Ford F-250