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At the 2011 SEMA Show, Joe Dussol of Edge stopped by the AutoAnything booth for a brief interview with our Elly Brown. While he was there, the duo talked about Edge’s flagship products, as well as what was in store for this Utah-based performance company.

We were excited to see that Joe brought both the CS (Color Screen) and CTS (color Touch Screen) Evolution Programmer to talk about. These unique tuners increase your diesel or gas truck’s power, performance, and even fuel mileage depending on driving style—all without sacrificing ride quality. Edge prides themselves as being specialists of programming and tuning, and it’s because of this that the company constantly upgrades their products. Joe said it best, “When you buy an Edge tuner, you aren’t just buying a product at that point in time. You’re purchasing a tuner that evolves as Edge technology evolves.” And, continuing with that mode of thinking, Edge plans on adding coverage to the CTS line for Dodge–Cummins and Hemi—as the new year approaches.

Evolution Programmer

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