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Edge CTS Evolution Programmer Review - SEMA 2013

Video Transcription

Hey guys, my name’s Jared Venz, I’m here with Edge products and we’re at the 2013 SEMA show. I’m going to talk to you about our Evolution CTS and let you know why it’s a winner in the market and why you need one in your truck. A lot of guys ask us, “Can I add other modifications to it? Can I add an intake, can I add exhaust and do I need to get a custom tuning option?” At Edge, we do all the custom tuning for you. Every time we get a new vehicle, we’re doing all the custom tuning. The awesome thing about that is, improving your driving, improving the truck’s parameters help you increase fuel economy by just making the truck a lot more drivable. It’s more responsive, it’s using less fuel when you’re trying to get more power so about 1-2 miles per gallon. It has multiple power levels for different kinds of gas customers or diesel customers. It’s great because if you’re looking for towing, we can do a towing tune. If you’re looking for performance, we can do a performance tune. A gas guy, you’re usually getting maybe about 25 extra horsepower; a diesel, you’ll get up to 100 extra horsepower. But don’t let those limits scare you because you can do a low tune for towing or a high tune for performance. The great thing is, it helps your drive train; basically, we’re not destroying the transmission by adding power, we’re trying to tune it and work with it better. Evolution’s the way to go. It’s the best one out there and you can trust our name. Get yours today over at

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