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How to Get the Most Out of your Tuner

Update your Tuner

If your programmer isn’t running up-to-date software, you’re probably missing out on the best tunes the manufacturer has to offer. For that reason, it’s important to plug your programmer into your home computer and check for firmware updates.

Picking the Proper Program

  • Not surprisingly, you should be running a towing tune if you’re towing a boat, trailer or hauling a heavy load
  • Many programmers give you the choice of power settings to work with, but will require you to fill up with higher octane fuel to prevent engine damage. That being said, they call it a 91 octane tune for a reason
  • If you want better fuel economy when running a tune, you have 2 options: load up a fuel saving program, or if you’re rockin’ a performance tune, use the gas pedal as little as possible
  • After bolting on other performance mods, be sure to check your tuner to see if it has a specific tune that has those mods in mind. Many programmers can be updated with custom tunes to work more effectively with your mods. Custom tunes for cold air intakes are a great example

Use the Extra Settings in Your Programmer

Why AutoAnything is your Tuning Headquarters

  • We have the best tuners online and at the best prices, thanks to our 1-year low price guarantee
  • You can read reviews submitted by actual customers like you. That way, you’ll know just what to expect out of your new performance programmer
  • We offer Free Shipping to the continental USA for most of our performance accessories

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