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How to Install a Performance Programmer

How to Tune with a Performance Programmer

  • Verify your car’s model year. All cars sold in the USA after 1997 are required to follow On Board Diagnostic’s II (OBDII) protocols and have a standardized plug that your tuner will interface with. If your ride is older than 1997, you’ll need a chip that plugs into the car’s computer directly or an in-line module instead. The following instructions assume your car is equipped with OBD II.
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged and your stereo or other accessories that draw power are turned off. You want to maintain a full 12 volts while loading the tune.
  • Locate your car’s OBD II port. It will be below the dashboard and usually within 12” of the steering column. You should see a receptacle that’s somewhat rectangular in shape.
  • Grab the plug on your performance programmer and gently slide it into your car’s OBD port.
  • If your ignition key isn’t already turned to the “on” position, turn it now, but not far enough to start your ride. Your tuner should power up.
  • Select your ride’s info from the activated tuner’s menu.
  • Once you select a tune, the programmer will automatically load it. With the tuner connected to your car, you’ll be able to change tunes as many times as you like and will be able to restore the factory programming for service and warranty purposes at any time.
  • When finished, your programmer will tell you to disconnect it. You can now start your car.
  • Stow the tuner in a safe place and hit the road.

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