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How to Shop for the Best In Line Module or Piggyback

How In-Line Performance Modules Work

  • An in-line performance module installs on or near your rides engine control unit (ECU), reads information from your engine’s sensors and sends a corrected signal to the ECU. You car’s computer then tells your fuel injectors and ignition coils to operate differently, which results in increased power or fuel economy
  • Very similar to an In-Line Module, a "piggyback" leaves your factory computer in stock form. They do however plug in-line with individual sensors, such as the mass airflow sensor (MAF), oxygen sensor (O2) and often into the factory computer itself
  • Because these modules work full-time, you’ll have to keep them attached to your ride while it’s running
  • In-line performance modules generally do not have screens and as a result are non-adjustable. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing though because unlike other tuning methods, you can simply hook up the in-line module and hit the road
  • As a plus, an in-line module is usually mounted out of view so thieves won’t even know it’s there

Other Tuning Methods you Might Want to look into

OBD Flash Programmers

Performance Monitors

Why Buy In-line Performance Modules from AutoAnything

  • We have a large assortment of in-line modules, performance programmers and many more power-adding accessories for you to choose from
  • You’ll know you’re getting a great tuner from us after reading in-line performance module reviews from actual customers on our product pages
  • Our prices are the best on the web and we’ll back it up with our 1-year low price guarantee

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