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Hypertech Performance Chips & Programmers Customer Reviews

Hypertech Max Energy Sport Programmer Reviews

Reviewed by Matthew T (Fort Worth, TX) Reviewed for a 2007 Mazda 3 — 2010-02-02 20:27:49

I am very satisfied with this product! It works as advertised. Although, it only allows either the regular or premium gas tune, the top speed limiter, and you can raise the fuel cutoff by 500 RPM. I was hoping there would be a setting to adjust shift firmness and shifting points. The plastic housing on the programmer looks cheap but I don't care about that when I'm driving my car. When I first plugged the programmer into my diagnostic port it read my ECU for 30 minutes after which I got a message "Cal Not Found". I installed the provided disk on my computer and updated the software for it. Then I downloaded the latest Calibration for my car. Went back out to my car and the programming process only took a few minutes. I notice the most improvement in low end torque and the engine feels more crisp all the way to fuel cutoff. I have several other mods on my car including exhaust and intake and it feels like it adds around 10 hp. I'm guessing gas mileage increase is around 1-2 mpg. I haven't had it installed long enough to get a good comparison.

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Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator Reviews

Reviewed by John Y (Walton, KY) Reviewed for a 2001 Toyota 4Runner — 2009-10-01 19:32:59

The info on the website was a little misleading. For my Tundra and other Toyotas this is an in-line device that needs to be installed behind the speedometer cluster. Don't let that discourage your interest, the instructions were very well written and it was actually quite easy. Patience is important so you do not break any of the small clips. The programming portion took seconds once plugged into the computer, the software is very easy to use. So far, the device has done exactly what I needed it to do, adjust for larger tires. I double checked the calculations myself and everything is right on. Also, I have seen an increase in gas mileage of about 1 mpg, a nice bonus.

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