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Hypertech Max Energy Programmer Reviews

Reviewed by Brandon J (Indianapolis, IN) Reviewed for a 1999 Dodge Ram — 2007-08-06 06:05:01

I've been looking for ways to give my truck some more pep in the mountains, and this definitely helped. Don't expect miracles, but the truck runs smoother, has more horepower and torque, and really screams around 70 MPH with great pick-up. I would recommend this product without hesitation. Plus, you can update your speedo to account for different tires sizes, as well as read DTC from the ECU. The only thing I wish it did on my truck is change shift points and firmness on the tranny like it does for some models. Overall, though, I've been very pleased. Oh, I also picked up about 1 MPG.

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Edge Evolution Programmer Reviews

Reviewed by Dean T (Puyallup, WA) Reviewed for a 2005 Ford F-150 — 2009-10-27 13:42:29

Purchased the programmer looking for additional fuel savings, it has improved by about 2 mpg, but I was hoping for more. I have tried it in all settings and am finding the increase in mpg about the same in each setting. A dramatic difference in performance in the 2 and 3 setting. Definitely more power and more fun to drive. What I like the most is the quicker and firmer shifting. I have also installed a cold air intake along with a cat back Magnaflow dual exhaust. Will and have recommend to friends.

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Edge CS Evolution Programmer Reviews

Reviewed by John B (Fort Hood, TX) Reviewed for a 2005 Ford Focus — 2011-08-12 14:21:15

I am very happy with this programer. About 1-2 MPG, and alot better throtle response. I love the look and the monitoring options. The only bad deal is that you have to take the Radio (under the hood) fuse out to change the setting. To get aroud this I put in a externial radio fuse holder and a switch inside the cab. It is still a pain, but I dont have to get out and open the hood now. Buy this, but remember you will need more upgrades. 2004.5 GMC 2500HD LLY

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DiabloSport inTune I-1000 Tuner Reviews

Reviewed by Michael S (Allison Park, PA) Reviewed for a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee — 2012-03-23 06:30:50

Diablosport is the handheld tune of choice for HEMI vehicles based on info I learned from various forums. I'm currently using it on my 2009 Jeep SRT8. If you have a CAI and run 93 octane gas then the best canned tune is actually the 91 CAI tune. You'll get too much knock with the 93 CAI tune. Also, crank up throttle boost to the max 20%. My SRT8 is running like a beast! Top of second gear pulls like a freight train and the shifts are nice and firm. Best feature of the inTune is that you can data log and send the files to a tuner who works at Diabosport who will email you back a truly custom tune for a nominal fee.

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Edge CTS Evolution Programmer Reviews

Reviewed by Brian D (Newburgh, IN) Reviewed for a 2002 Ford F-150 — 2010-08-10 20:28:39

The Edge Evolution CTS is a nice display, but very overpriced. It provided no noticeable improvement in MPG or Power on my 2002 F150 5.4. I did NOT expect a major improvement in power as the product literature says "up to 35HP" - even at the max improvement, it would be barely noticeable on a 4-door truck. However, I did expect to see an improvement in MPG. I track my maintenance and MPG precisely, and with great detail - the edge provided very little improvement if any was gained. I realize that MPG can be greatly influenced by driving style and conditions - but after a few weeks of driving, I can confidently state the Edge CTS provided no noticeable benefit. At best, being very generous, it accounted for 0.1 to 0.15 MPG improvement. The display is nice and the gauges are helpful - however, for nearly $600, you could install a lot of very nice gauges. The unit also overheats constantly if the outside temp is above 90. Further, my unit arrived with a large scratch on the outer face. If you are looking for a "pretty" display, the Edge is a great product, if you are looking for MPG or performance, save your money for other components.

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Superchips VIVID Performance Tuner Reviews

Reviewed by Marcos R (Sacramento, CA) Reviewed for a 2006 Pontiac GTO — 2012-06-13 20:38:37

2006 Gto 6.0L ....This tuner was difficult to set up initially I had a hell of a time trying to pair it via blue tooth to my Droid maxx phone. Once I got it paired the tune was fast and the app that you use via the market place is also nice. Only came with 1 installed tune for my car which was a bit of a let down. And when I tried to update the tuner via the internet that was no go as we ll . The performance tune is very nice indeed I can tel there is a little boost of power and better shift points. If our was not so difficult to set up and update I would give an excellent rating but since that's not the case ill say its a decent buy but awesome when out is working.

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Hypertech Max Energy Sport Programmer Reviews

Reviewed by Damian F (Harleysville, PA) — 2010-03-19 04:50:02

I was trying to decide between this model and a Cobb AP model. This model is more designed for somenoe who wants to flash The ECU, but, isn't looking to do any fine tuning. Just plug/play/done. That is what I wanted and it worked great. I notice a nice HP gain and better performance in 1st and 2nd gear. Overall, I am very happy with it. If you need fine tuning and lots of maps to chose from, the Cobb model is better suited for you, but, you will pay $200 more.

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Hypertech HyperPAC Reviews

Reviewed by Clifford O (Waldorf, MD) Reviewed for a 2000 Ford Excursion — 2007-01-15 07:04:06

Hearing something and seeing it for yourself are generally two different things. I had some logistical problems in the beginning, however, the end result is that I feel as if I have a new truck! The difference in throttle response is amazing. I had been averaging 14MPG (mixed driving) and on the SAME tank it started climbing to 16 ~ 17MPG. I have not been able to get a full tank through, but there is already a significant difference. Great product!

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