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Superchips VIVID LINQ Tuner for the 2011-2012 Ford F-150 Ecoboost

About the Part Number

In the past, tuning your truck might have been a daunting task—not anymore. Tuning has come a long way, and now the Superchips VIVID LINQ makes getting high-performance from your ride simple. Not only does this tuner work wirelessly to enhance your rig, it is compatible with the Android-powered smartphone you have in your pocket. That’s right, you use your own phone or tablet—allowing you to spend less since you don’t need to buy a monitor.

What’s more, this VIVID LINQ provides all the same engine monitoring tools as its big brother, the Superchips VIVID PAQ. You’ll enjoy tracking RPMS and track times, and be able to clear pesky trouble codes. Plus, you do all this while saving money when you buy the LINQ from AutoAnything. We ship it for free and back it with a 1-year lower price guarantee.

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