Planning a Ski or Snowboard Trip


BY Ian S.

When planning a ski or snowboard trip, the goal is to take home the memories and not the mess. Fresh powder on the slopes is something most people look forward to, but tracking home the mud – not so much. If you’re eager to hit the hills, it’s easy to prepare your car with these four items.

TiRe Chains

Before driving anywhere, your first order of business should be a solid set of tire chains. Resist the urge to buy cables thinking you’ll save a penny or two – the tire cables may fail you when you need traction the most. In this case, splurging a bit to buy a better product now, will provide additional safety and security in the future, saving you money in the long run. Our popular Thule Konig CB-12 Tire Chains are easy to install and provide great traction up to 35-40 mph. They are constructed from hardened Manganese Nickel Steel Alloy to ensure longevity.


Roof Rack

You’ll need a rugged roof rack to load and transport your skis and snowboards. Not only will a roof rack free up your interior space, but when your trip comes to an end, loading the sets of well-used skis and snowboards will be one of the first steps to ensure you’re bringing home more memories than mud. A universal favorite, the Rhino-Rack Ski & Snowboard Rack fits any existing rack system that you may already have installed. Plus, you can read plenty of reviews that attest to its durability.

Floor mats

In order to ensure your car stays clean for the next days, you’ll need a set of reliable floor mats. Both WeatherTech and Husky Liners are top-favorite brands, offering high-quality mats that are laser-cut to custom-fit your vehicle. Thanks to their raised ridges that hold ice and slush without compromising your ride’s interior, protecting your carpets with all-weather floor liners is the best way to keep all messes contained on a road trip.

Cargo Liner Mat Trunk Snowy Gear

Cargo liner

Having a durable cargo liner that is easy to take out and hose down keeps your vehicle from turning into a mud room. Whether it’s shoes or gear, you’ll feel a lot more peace of mind knowing they can be shoved in the trunk or back of your car, SUV or van without ruining your factory carpet. Once you’re home from the hills after enjoying fresh powder on the slopes, you can bask in the memories of the sun and snow throughout the upcoming work week, comforted in the knowledge that your ride is clean and presentable.