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Escort Radar Detectors Customer Reviews

Escort RedLine Radar Detector Reviews

Reviewed by Russell T (cayucos, CA) — 2011-07-20 20:46:28

I bought an escort 8500 passport X50 about 10 years ago and used it on my Buell motorcycle to go on a 10,000 mile trip to Quebec and back to California and other various cross country trips by motorcycle. I found that if the thing gave me one chirp of Ka signal there was a smoky out there. The thing saved me from a possible ticket many times and paid for itself after the first two such encounters. I also noticed that different state patrol all use their radar differently. California highway patrol leave their's on all the time and are easy to detect. Nevada will hit you at the last minute coming towards you to also get a good visual (which is required) and not give you a slowdown opportunity. They will also hide behind trucks on two lanes like #95 and pop into the passing lane and then drop back after getting a reading. Goldfield to Tonapah on 95 is one I remember. I could tell you lots of stories. I also liked the digital voltmeter on the passport which reads charging system voltage when not detecting radar. The unit is bulletproof as I have used it in a plastic bag in the rain on my motorcycle and it has nicks and scratches from dropping it in the house. I try to treat it right but it seems to take a little abuse ok. It has been a quality product for me and I highly recommend it. The damned thing is still perking and I will continue to depend on it. The redline has all these capabilities and some more. Although I have not used it for as many years as my passport it does seems to detect at slightly greater distances. The jury is still out on that because I do not have many years experience with it yet. It also has the digital voltmeter although the instructions don't make that very clear at all. The main reason I bought it is because of my excellent experience with the Passport and because my wife has figured out how to use it in her car and she has a tendency to leadfoot which jacks up our auto insurance. She has learned to use the binders when the Ka goes off. Although the California Highway Patrol was

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