The 10 Best Car Covers for 2021

Coverking Stormproof car cover Dodge Viper

Rain, sleet, and dust — oh, my. Your car’s windshield and factory paint have a lot of nemeses. If you park outdoors at night (or for long periods of time), a random hail storm can ding your glass, as can a flying rock kicked up by another driver’s tires. Even cars in the garage need a little TLC. Dust, bugs, and cold weather also take their toll over time.

That’s why you need a car cover. But not just any ole tarp will do.

The best car covers are breathable, dust resistant, and safe for your finish. You want moisture and hot air to escape while exterior threats are kept at bay. At AutoAnything, we have scoped out the best car covers in our inventory to help you keep your prized ride in as-new condition. Based on our own evaluation of price, functionality, and customer reviews, here are the best car covers for you (and your ride) in 2021. 

The 10 Best Indoor and Outdoor Car Covers

Whether your working with a truck, sedan, SUV, or wagon, a good car cover will change the way you look at caring for your vehicle. You won’t stress about car washes after a dust storm, and you don’t have to touch up the wax so much if you keep the car free from the common irritants that scratch and wear your paint.

Here are some of the best options this year. 

1. Covercraft Noah Custom Car Cover

Covercraft Noah Car CoverList Price: $376.00

This outdoor custom car cover is meant to shield your vehicle from all the regular wear and tear that comes with parking outside for any length of time. The cover is one-way breathable, meaning that moisture can escape from the inside but won’t penetrate from the outside in. You’ll benefit from four layers and grommets that make it easy to tie the cover down.

The cover is also available in heat-resistant gray, which is great for drivers who live in a super hot climate (we’re looking at you, Vegas and Phoenix). The paint-safe inner layer adds even more protection. To top it off (pun intended), this particular custom car cover is protected by a 4-year warranty. 

2. Coverking Satin Stretch Car Cover

Coverking Satin Stretch Car CoverList Price: $569.99 – $639.99

This indoor stretch car cover is cut for your vehicle’s exact make, model, and year. Like a custom suit or little black dress, this satin number hugs your car precisely. Trapped heat and moisture can escape from the car while it sits in your humid garage, while outside conditions won’t bother your baby.

The satin material on this car cover uses invisible seams — that means your vehicle stays looking sleek all the time, even under its new clothes. Plus, there are more than 30 color combinations available, all ready to provide coverage with a 4-year warranty. 

3. Coverking Autobody Armor Custom Car Cover

Coverking AutoBody Armor Custom Car CoverList Price: $799.99

Indoor and outdoor protection? Yes, please. This particular cover features water resistance, UV ray protection, breathability, and a compact nature that makes it easy to store. The cover combines the softness of satin with the serious protective nature of Silverguard. There’s even a double polyester layer on the outside. The middle layer is what provides water resistance, allowing you to park your car in the rain without worry.

Finally, your new Coverking custom car cover is protected by a 5-year warranty. 

4. Covercraft Weathershield HP Custom Car Cover

covercraft weathershield hp custom car coverList Price: $545.00 – $620.00

You can use this car cover inside, but it’s also dyed to resist color fading — so feel free to leave it under the sun. And the cover is so water resistant that water rolls off as soon as it hits. Condensation will dry beneath the car cover while everything from dirt and tree sap to bird poop will be trapped on the outside and never reach your paint. The interior is also so soft that it’s safe against any type of custom paint.

If you’re going to be taking your car cover on and off every day, you’re in luck with this one: It’s so lightweight that you won’t struggle to fold and store it as you please. The cover also fits most spoilers (up to 3 inches tall). When you’re ready to wash your new custom car cover, just throw it in a traditional washer and rest easy knowing it’s backed by a 4-year warranty. 

5. Covercraft Evolution Custom Car Cover

Covercraft Custom Evolution Car CoverList Price: $325.00

This is one of the best car covers of the year – and not just because it’s custom fit to your vehicle. It also has reinforced non-scratch grommet, overlapped double-needle stitched seams, and urethane elastic in both the front and rear hem to make it easier to put the cover on your car. It’s also rated highly for UV protection, rain protection, snow protection, ding protection, and breathability.

You can choose from tan and grey, and both colors have the same four-layer design with non-absorbent fabric. An optional gust guard complements this custom cover, allowing your vehicle to stay safe and protected in super strong winds. Like many of the other best car covers, it’s also backed by a 4-year warranty. 

6. Coverking StormProof Custom Car Cover

Coverking stormproof car coverList Price: $639.99 – $669.99

Protection against natural and man-made hazards, soft, compact, and UV-resistant. Those are just some of the best parts of this favorite custom car cover. There are also more than a dozen solid colors and dual color combinations available, ranging from subtle to “look at me,” depending on what you’re going for.

This Coverking car cover is made from a weave of microscopic yarns that are uncoated and untreated, yet keep water, snow, ice, and other extreme conditions from harming your car’s exterior. And it promises to protect your vehicle for not just months, but years, from punishing storms and hot sunny days. It’s even backed by a 4-year warranty to prove it. 

7. CarCapsule Indoor Vehicle Storage System

Car Capsule Indoor car protectionList Price: $419.00 – $549.00

This isn’t your average car cover. Have you heard of boy in the bubble? You’re about to give your vehicle that experience. Made for indoor storage, this car cover – nay, vehicle storage system – is meant to keep indoor cars protected against the common hazards found in long-term garage storage.

Dust, scratches, bugs, rust, rot, and more will be kept at bay as long as your vehicle is sealed under this ingenious storage system that looks a bit like a giant snow globe. A heavy-duty 18oz Herculite base keeps oil and other dirt away from the underside of your car, while a 10-mil PVC arches over the rest of your vehicle. A 100% nylon zipper connects the two parts. Meanwhile, a 12V high-pressure fan exchanges air 3-4 times per hour. Phew, that’s a lot. Plus, your storage system is covered by a 1-year warranty.

8. Covercraft Dustop Custom Car Cover

Covercraft Dustop car coverList Price: $370.00

From antique cars to brand new models, this car cover keeps a variety of vehicles safe from common indoor storage hazards. If you primary concerns are breathability, dust protection, ding protection, and a soft material, this might be the right choice for you. A high-temp blown polypropylene provides the middle layer of the cover, an effective barrier against dust and other airborne particles. The polypropylene/polyethylene blend of the other layers is soft and tough at the same time. The cover comes in tan and is backed by a 4-year warranty. 

9. Covercraft WeatherShield HD Custom Car Cover

Covercraft WeatherShield HD custom car coverList Price: $545.00 – $620.00

Ding protection, bird do-do protection, and UV protection are all a part of the deal when you grab this cover. Available in colors including yellow, green, and grey, the cover is always safe on the finish. The fabric sheds off water and is treated to prevent color transfer between dark car covers and light paint colors. In other words, you can put a red custom car cover on your white car without worrying about the dye bleeding over.

The material is completely breathable and lightweight for easy folding and storage. Your new car cover is backed by a 4-year warranty. 

10. Coverking Triguard Custom Car Cover

Coverking Triguard car coverList Price: $259.99

This is one of the best car covers for long-term use in light weather. While it might not be great for outdoor winter storage in the Midwest, it’s great for putting your car away in the garage all summer while you bike to work. Or for our friends in milder climates.

There are three layers to the covers, which are equipped with grommets that can attach to a tie-down cable and lock. Finally, wax threads minimize water leaks. Available for trucks, wagons, sedans and more, these custom car covers are backed by a 2-year warranty.

Storing your car for the winter? Not sure you want to leave your ride vulnerable in the driveway during a thunderstorm? The best custom car covers for cars and trucks keep your ride protected from everything from bugs and birds to dirt and dust.

Smart drivers don’t want their windshield to get cracked during a hailstorm or their paint job to rust after a rough winter. Your new car cover can prevent a lot of common damage. And, when you get your new car cover from AutoAnything, we’ll beat our competitors’ prices for up to a year. Just let us know who sells it cheaper, and we’ll beat their price tag by $1. 


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