The 10 Best Cargo Mats and Liners to Keep your Carpet Pristine

The 10 Best Cargo Mats and Liners to Keep your Carpet Pristine (2020)

It’s 2021: This isn’t your grandpa’s truck. You’ve survived a global pandemic, you’re going camping, hauling stuff home from the furniture store, and bringing the dogs along to the park. Things are bound to get messy. To protect your original carpeting (or the carpeted cargo area in your SUV), you’ll need a little help. We hate to break it to you, but your tarp and tape solution isn’t going to work in the long haul.

Enter: the best cargo mats and liners for 2021. 

Cargo liners and cargo mats cover your original truck bed or interior carpet. Not only will they catch spills and prevent carpet stains, but your new liner will ultimately protect the value of your vehicle. Plus, you can clean most liners and mats in just a few minutes.

There are new cargo mats and liners showing up all the time. Based on our customer reviews and the AutoAnything team’s evaluations, here are the 10 best liners and cargo mats for 2021. 

The 10 Winners When it Comes to Protecting your Carpet

We’ve reviewed our inventory, we read customer reviews, we asked our crystal ball (OK, not that last one), and we’ve tracked down the best cargo liners and mats for the year. These liners and mats are made to fit a wide selection of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, cars, and minivans.

What we’re saying is, if you need to haul something messy in your cargo, we have a mat that will protect your OE. 

1. WeatherTech Cargo Liners

Weathertech Cargo LinerList Price: $107.95 – $317.00

These mats don’t just do a good job of protecting the carpet in the back of your car or SUV — they look really cool, too. These laser-measured and cut liners have an even geometric pattern and are available in a few different colors. And they fit like a glove because they’re customized to your vehicle’s make and model. Spills can be contained by the outer lip on the liners, and the thermoplastic material they’re molded from is made to stand up to extreme temperatures and lots of use.

When it’s time to clean these cargo liners, just take them out and hose them down. It’s that easy. As if you needed more convincing, WeatherTech Cargo Liners are also backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

2. 3D Maxpider Kagu Cargo Liner

 eBay 3d MAXpider Cargo Area LinerList Price: $88.09 – $127.29 

Headed to and from the beach a lot? Or maybe you’re often opening your hatchback in rainy conditions. Either way, these waterproofed liners are a solid choice.

The three-layer thermoplastic rubber structure ensures that no water or other moisture will reach your original carpets and the inner layer is both sound and shock absorbent. Raised edges help keep dirt and water from escaping the liner as you drive.

When or if you don’t want to use your cargo liners, just fold them up and store them to the side (or in your garage) until you want to put them down again. Available finishes include carbon fiber texture and classic looped fabric and you can take advantage of a 3-year warranty. 

3. Husky Liners WeatherBeater Cargo Liners

Husky Liners WeatherBeater cargo linersList Price: $107.95 – $148.95

Hunting boots, wakeboards, and wet clothes can all be thrown on these durable cargo liners without fear. The liners are custom fit for your vehicle using laser scanning technology and can be made for a variety of cars, minivans, CUVs, and SUVs. The rubberized plastic is flexible but strong. It can even stand up to hot and cold temperatures like a champ. A nibbed underside keeps the liner in place, even as you traverse windy roads or go over speedbumps. And finally, the grooved surface keeps any spills or melted snow from splashing over the edges of the liners.

Your Husky Liners WeatherBeater Cargo Liners will be covered for breaks and cracks under a Lifetime Warranty.

4. Canvasback Custom Cargo Liners

Canvasback Custom Cargo LinersList Price: $149.00 – $359.00

Have an SUV or crossover vehicle? These fabric cargo liners could be a winner.

They’re custom cut for your vehicle and they stay in place thanks to a hook and loop tabbing system. These cargo mats and liners are made from a durable 600-Denier polyester fabric. Impressively, they are equipped with waterproof PVC backing. That means, even though they aren’t made from rubber or plastic, the liners will still ensure that no liquid can penetrate your car’s original carpet.

The fabric also sheds water and mud. Say what? That makes these liners particularly appealing for messy families because they’re so easy to clean. You can completely submerge the liners in soap and water and then use a brush or sponge to spot clean any particularly dirty areas. 


MAXLINER-sandmessList Price: $105.87 

These mats are made for busy households and car loads. Cooler spilled over on the way to soccer practice? No problem. A slew of wet swimsuits taking up space in the back? Let them drip away.

The edge-to-edge protection provided by these cargo mats will cover your entire cargo area. A raised outer lip and molded edges trap water and other debris and keep them from escaping the liner. Not only does the backside grip to your carpet, but a textured top surface also holds your cargo in place — so hopefully that cooler won’t slide and spill after all. Lastly, the liners are covered by a Lifetime Warranty, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

6. Intro-Tech Automotive HEXOMAT Cargo Liners

IntroTech Hexomat Custom Fit Cargo Area Floor MatList Price: $79.95 – $109.95

An advanced composite material makes these cargo mats durable and uber protective. The edge-to-edge coverage is made possible by custom cut designs and a low profile that doesn’t feature a bulky outer rim.

Uniquely, the pattern on these liners resembles a honeycomb. Not only does that offer a modern look, but the liners can catch a lot of dirt and water and trap it where it lands. Whether you’re hauling landscaping materials or a pet crate, you can count on them to keep your carpet in good shape. There are five color option – black, grey, ivory, tan, and clear – and when you pick your fave it will be covered by a Lifetime Warranty. 

7. AutoAnything SELECT Cargo Liners

AutoAnything Select Cargo LinersList Price: $49.95 – $89.95

At first glance, these cargo mats look simple. What you don’t realize is that they are packing a serious carpet-saving punch.

Diamond-shaped grooves with a 3mm wall trap liquid and other messes and ensure that messes won’t slosh around and stress you out while you’re driving. On the underside of the cargo liners, rubber nibs dig into your carpet and keep the liners in place no matter what. There are three universal colors, so your new liners can always match or complement your current interior. When it’s time to clean up, just hose these liners down and they’re good to go again. AutoAnything SELECT Cargo Liners are protected by a Lifetime Warranty. 

8. BedRug VanTred Cargo Liner

BedRug VanTred Cargo matList Price: $216.00 – $293.00

Drive a service van or other open van? You can stop worrying about your cargo sliding back and forth during your ride, and put worries about leaking liquids to bed.

Cut to the precise size of your vehicle, these van-specific cargo liners are totally waterproof and built to withstand gas, oil, battery acid, and other harsh chemicals. And, if you’re hauling something a little less toxic, like building materials or food deliveries, your cargo liners can definitely handle that as well. The edges are die-cut to be clean and finished. To clean the liners, just brush or hose them off and they’ll be as good as new. BedRug VanTred Cargo Liners are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. 

9. BedRug VanRug Cargo Mat

BedRug VanRug Cargo MatList Price: $173.00 – $270.00

Same company, same quality, different product. These mats are made from 100% polypropelyne that look like carpet. But, unlike carpet, the material can deflect most chemicals rather than absorb them.

The mats are also custom cut to fit your cargo van. A foam backing fits perfectly into the design on your van’s ribbed flooring, keeping the mat in place and ensuring a smooth surface with no lumps or bumps. The mat also helps insulate the back of your van against heat. Installation is simple — just slide the mat into place! These cargo van mats are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.   

10. Covercraft Cargo Area Liner

Covercraft Cargo Area LinerList Price: $89.00 – $160.00

Need to protect the back of your rear seat as well as the cargo flooring? Here’s the cargo liner for you.

This custom area liner attaches around the headsets of your back row seating and can be adjusted depending on whether your seat is upright or folded down. Tie-downs secure the area liner to the factory rings to keep it in place. The waterproof, urethane-coated polyester fabric is super tough and built to handle anything you haul. Plus, there is a fold-out flap that protects the back of your vehicle when you are loading or unloading. This liner comes with a 90-day warranty. 

Cargo mats and liners are an easy way to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle’s storage areas. Pick one up today, and you won’t have to worry about getting dirt, water, or other debris in the back.

And, when you buy your new cargo mat or cargo liner from AutoAnything, you’re protected by our Price Match Guarantee. That means if you find a better deal on the same mat within one year, we’ll beat the price by $1 every time. 



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