Top 12 Honda Civic Mods & Upgrades


If you’ve put your Civic into “daily driver” duty, it’s time to rethink that. Your Civic is versatile, reliable, and can lay down solid MPG’s. It also leaves your pockets full of green for all those mods you’re about to make. 

The Honda Civic has always been an excellent car for customization. So whether you want to go all out with performance upgrades or keep things simple and basic, there’s something here that will suit your needs.

Of course, many people think that the best Honda Civic to mod is any model made before 2000. It’s true that they are nimble, have a tuneable motor, and look great when kitted out. And, for sure, they’ll be super happy with a suspension upgrade. 

But honestly, any year of Civic will respond to some love. The basic structure and engine are solid and just begging for some upgrades. 

On that note, here are our Top Honda Civic mods and customization ideas – from the simple to the more involved – that will keep you busy for many race weekends to come. And hey, we aren’t here to tell you what you should do with your modified Honda Civic. We’re just here to help make it possible.

1. Custom Honda Civic Alloy Rims

Custom rims from the enthusiasts at Koenig are the creme de la creme of creating a stand-out ride; paired with your other Honda Civic mods, you’ll have a set-up that’s unique only to you. The sky’s the limit here. Fit your car with some seriously mean powdered black on black, chrome, or, heck, why not do a combo of both with a black finish and chrome details? Five spokes? Eight? Gold details? You’ve got some tough questions to answer for yourself and that modified Honda Civic sitting in the garage.

2. Floor Mats & Liners

Floor mats might be the simplest of Honda Civic mods you make, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t necessary. Carpet floor mats will give your Civic a lux interior, while rubber mats with deep treads will protect your floorboards from dirty heels after you stomp your competition on that straightaway. 

You’ll look polished – and keep it that way – with a clean interior and some custom Honda Civic floor mats made specifically for your model and year. 

3. Civic Air Intake Systems

If you’re already elbow-deep in grease and those Honda Civic performance upgrades, why stop now? An aftermarket cold air intake made specifically to help you get the most out of your Honda Civic is the perfect complement to a new exhaust system. Together, they’ll work overtime to make sure you’re constantly revving up one fast little monster. The rumors are true: you’ll probably feel more power, see better fuel efficiency and have a smile on your face every time you drive. The muscle car next to you won’t know what hit it.

4. Honda Civic Seat Covers

When it’s just as much about looking good as it is about performance, it’s time to slide on some covers like these select semi-custom leatherette seat covers from AutoAnything. They’ll add a racy feel to your Honda Civic. But, of course, customization ideas for your seats are limited only by your imagination. So choose red and black spacer mesh seat covers for a cooling effect, or get leatherette that will fool even your most savvy friend into thinking your Honda Civic mods included all-new leather seats.

AutoAnything Selecte Leatherette Seat Covers



5. Performance Brakes & Brake Pads

It’s no secret that Civics aren’t at the top of the list for performance cars. At least not off the lot. That’s why a new brake system is a fan favorite when it comes to Honda Civic mods that allow you to get more out of your car. The better you can stop means the faster you can take that corner. A set of solid brake rotors and pads explicitly made for the driving you’ll be doing is the first step towards that autocross win.



6. Led Headlights & Taillights

Give your coupe the candlepower needed to slice through the blackest nights with some custom Honda Civic LED lights. Halos give you more visibility with a distinct performance look like the Spyder Headlights. A Honda Civic modified with LEDs will light up dark corners and give other drivers something bright to follow as they chase you down the track.

Spec-D Honda Civic headlights



7. Custom Exhaust & Mufflers

Your car isn’t an ordinary factory car. A modded Honda Civic should look the part – and sound like it, too. Get a nice growl and more horsepower when you select from a full array of our performance exhaust systems. Choose from aircraft-grade aluminum, direct-fit exhaust systems that are practical (increasing fuel efficiency) and powerful (giving your Civic more roar and HPs).

8. Civic Suspension Systems

Polish it off and soup up your Civic’s track-wrecking, curve-crushing abilities with a Honda Civic suspension system from companies like Eibach. Those Honda mods should fit your taste to a T – that’s why we’ve got every flavor on offer – lowering kits, new shocks, leaf springs & coil springs, wheel spacers, and more. So, whether you’re just looking for a smoother ride with new shocks and struts or want to see how low you can go, we’ve got your back.

9. Chips & Performance Tuners

Now for the good stuff – those Honda Civic performance upgrades you’ve been dying to make and feel. A performance chip or tuner is the fastest way to get you from the factory to feeling souped-up. They can be plugged right into the OBDII diagnostic port from the driver’s seat and help you add horsepower to your Civic. In addition, on-screen features let you easily customize and save your settings for torque, air/fuel ratios, ignition, shift points, shift firmness, top speed limiter, rev limiter specs, and more.

DiabloSport Trinity MX Performance Monitor



10. Civic Sunroof and Window Deflectors

Whether you’re on a track or the road, a spoiler can bring function and style to your Civic. Seibon uses the highest grade of carbon fiber for the highest stiffness and strength for each spoiler they make. And, since professional race teams use their products, they’re aerodynamically designed for maximum performance.

11. Civic Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers

Power to weight ratio is a big thing for smaller, high output engines. In your Civic, Carbon fenders, hoods, and trunk lids can decrease your Civic’s weight considerably. The fenders, alone, are 70 percent lighter than OEM fenders. 


12. Honda Civic Sport Seats

Maybe you’ve had your Civic for a few years, and the seats don’t have their standard holding power. Sure, stock Honda seats are good and made for comfort on long travels. However, after the suspension and engine upgrades, you need some more aggressive sports seats to hold you in place, and we have them. Take, for example, these R100 seats from Sparco. Ergonomic sports seats help cradle and protect you while pulling lateral G’s on the street or track. And they look beautiful.

13. Civic Sunroof and Window Deflectors

Sit back and relax in a serenely quiet and comfortably calm cabin by blocking bad weather and rogue bugs from getting into the cabin. If you want to ride with one arm out the window – even in a rainstorm – these deflectors are one upgrade you need on your Civic. The simple installation will not just make window deflectors one of your more practical Honda Civic mods, but one of the easier ones, too.

14. Civic Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers 

Why limit your Honda Civic mods to just what’s under the hood or in the cabin? Sometimes you want to travel. And for our outdoor lovers, a Yakima rack is a natural upgrade, and a clear sign to everyone around that your Civic is ready for adventure. Liberate your interior from cramped conditions by carrying your cargo up top with Honda Civic roof racks. They’ll add some rugged good looks and are perfect for your skis, snowboards, luggage, and even bicycles.

15. Custom Honda Civic Car Bras

Be kind to your bumper by blocking the onslaught of bugs, UV rays, and rocks with a front-end bra that’s custom-made for your Civic. Their snug fit looks sweet on your hood and keeps your paint protected for miles to come while adding a new look to your ride.

Honda Civic Mods Start Here

You can use this roundup as a starting point for your Civic mods, or you can use our online tool to search all our aftermarket parts. Just put in the year of your Honda Civic, and you’ll see plenty of parts and accessories that will inspire some quality garage time. So pick one and get started – you can’t go wrong with our selection of trusted brands and high-quality aftermarket upgrades.


  1. I have an 06 civic SI that I’d like to get completely customized. What shops do this? I’m on the east coast. I thought googling would have turned up more answers!

    • Hey Aaron,

      I don’t have any shops I’ve had experience with on the east coast, my advice would be to join some local tuner car groups and start asking around on there. Facebook is usually good for local car groups, so search around on there! Oh and don’t let the inevitable trolls get you down, someone will have good info.



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