The Top Nerf Bars and Running Boards for Work Trucks for 2022

Luverne grip Step Running Boards

Pickup trucks are great for play but where they shine is for work. You know, having the right tool for the job is essential for any while at work—one less step, one less turn, or one less lift can make a difference over the day. That’s the reason a good set of nerf bars or running boards can make a day less tiring. Getting in and out of the truck is so much easier.

So with that said, let’s get into these:

The Best Nerf Bars and Side Steps for Your Work Truck:

APS Truck Armor Side Steps:

APS is passionate about designing unique side steps that assist your climbing into the truck and serve as rocker protection. The Armor aircraft-grade aluminum side steps make your truck stand out far enough to protect your truck or Jeep’s sides while simultaneously offering a large stepping surface.



N-Fab Nerf Steps: 

N-Fab has consistently offered a quality nerf step at a great price. And they provide steps for 1970s trucks, so they’ll have one for you. Unlike aluminum nerf bars in this list, N-Fab Nerf Steps are made from welded steel tubing and zinc-coated before they get the final black finish. They’re weight tested at 465 and ideal for stock or lifted trucks. 


Ranch Hand Running Steps:
Ranch Hand Running StepsRanch Hand has rugged looks and tough stability packed into their side drop steps. These black powder-coated 12-gauge steel steps are available in various lengths and four or six-step designs. Also, everything Ranch Hand puts out is made in America, and these beefy steps feature their standard 1-year warranty.



AMP Research Power Step Running Boards:

Amp Research PowerStep XL

These steps appear when you need them and hide when you don’t! AMP Research Power Steps extend and retract with your door opening and closing, which keeps them safe while on the trail. In addition, the lightweight aluminum construction offers a broad, flat stepping surface that makes getting up and down in our truck. Amp Power Steps are well worth it.


Westin R5 5″ Nerf Steps:

Westin R5 Nerf Step Bars

The R5’s modern take on a classic nerf bar style is more angular. Its 5-inch-wide bars with injection-molded foot pads provide the grip you’ll need. Although more expensive than others, the quality, warranty on the stainless-steel models, and overall features show that you’ll get what you pay for.



AutoAnything SELECT 3″ Round Nerf Bars:

AutoAnything SELECT 3" Round Nerf BarsIts classic nerfs bar look, and affordability would be easy to pass by these. But the classic design has been tested over the years. These T304 stainless or black powder coat models have molded pads for grip. They’ll fit perfectly on your truck without drilling and cutting.



Romik REC Running Boards:
Romik REC Running Boards Jeep Gladiator

Romik’s European design and a solid reputation have proven themselves on work vehicles in Europe. The RECs 5-inch grip step, polished aluminum or black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum with custom-made brackets will fit your vehicle to ensure an easy, no-drill fit. 


AMP Research Extreme Nerf Steps:

If you live in extreme weather conditions, matching power steps with your truck type is essential. So be ready to roll whatever the weather with a set of AMP PowerStep Running Boards. Made specifically for harsh conditions, the AMP Extreme Running Boards are electrically powered and offer LED lights that guide you while deploying and retracting to help you get through your day in the snow.

AMP Research Extreme Running Boards corrosion protection, high-strength aluminum all-weather performance, and extreme traction are perfect for the coldest days.


Go Rhino RB20 Running Boards:

Go Rhino RB20 Running BoardsGo Rhino’s 16-gauge zinc-coated steel and thick powder coating give you strength on the construction site and grip when climbing in your ride. Their straightforward, no-drill installation will have you ready to rock in no time. Plus, the construction and finish are covered by a 5-year warranty.



Westin HDX Xtreme Nerf Steps:
Yes, they are absolutely as tough as they look. These one piece steel steps feature oversized no-slip step pads made from UV resistant polymer, no drill installation with brackets designed specifically for your vehicle, and a westin hdx xtreme nerf step barsseriously impressive 3-year warranty on the textured black powder coating and a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel versions.

Modeled to match Westin’s line of other tough HDX accessories, like their front and rear bumpers, LED grilles, grille guards, and overhead racks, you have access to just about all the exterior protection you could need, and more steel than you can shake a driveshaft at.


Aries 4″ Big Step Round Nerf Bars:
These look pretty beefy don’t they? Well believe it or not, these might just be the lightest nerf bars on this list, and some of the toughest as well. With Aries 4" Big Step Round Nerf Barsbeefy 4″ round tubing, and a raised step pad, these steps will provide plenty of grip and last the test of time.

Since the tubing is made out of all aluminum, rust won’t be a concern if they get dinged up a little, and with a 300lbs capacity, you’re completely set with a tough set of steps.



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