10 Wind, Bug and Vent Deflectors to Consider in 2020

AVS Aeroskin Lightshield

Get in there. Rub that off-color spot on the leading edge of your hood. As much as you hope it’s going to disappear as you buff harder and harder, it just won’t. That’s a stone chip. And as you inspect more closely, your hood’s paint looks like the surface of the moon. Covered in craters, that is. Touch up paint can cover the spots but it won’t erase them completely.

And that buffeting noise like an airshow inside your car? You have the window rolled down a bit, don’t you? All you want is a bit of a breeze, some fresh air to keep you awake as you drive home from work, belting out a Blake Shelton tune at the top of your lungs. But you’ve gone tone-deaf from having your window open.

Whether you’re trying to protect your prized vehicle’s paint from stone chips and bug guts or you’re motivation is to let the wind ruffle your hair as you drive, AutoAnything has car accessories to solve your problem. Hood protectors, bug deflectors, and window vent visors are an inexpensive way to add some protection while personalizing your ride. 

But what are the different types of bug deflectors and side window deflectors, and how do they help? 

What are Hood Deflectors?

AVS Aeroskin Flush Mount Dark Smoke Hood ProtectorBug deflector, wind deflector, or hood protector – essentially, it’s the same thing. It’s a swoopy molded piece of high-strength acrylic or plastic material that mounts to the front of your hood.

They’re curvy and tend to flare upward at the rear. Because of the conditions they drive through, hood deflectors are most often found on trucks and SUVs.

The names by which they’re known give you a clue into what the purpose is:

  • Wind deflectors are meant to make the wind slip overtop of the vehicle smoother for less resistance, theoretically improving fuel mileage.
  • Bug deflectors are intended to take the brunt of a bug’s impact before it hits the front lip of your truck or the windshield. Bugs, stones, or other bits and pieces – it helps protect against them all. 
  • Hood protector can’t get any more clear, can it? 

No matter which one you choose, it’s going to serve all the above purposes.

What are Window Visors?

AVS Side Window DeflectorSide window deflectors, rain guards, or window vent visors are once again one and the same. A set of side window vent visors has a deflector for each window and channels rain, snow, and wind away from an open window. 

If you’ve ever driven with your window cracked open a bit, there’s ear-splitting pressure and a buffeting noise that happens. With window visors, that god-awful racket is mitigated for a more serene drive with fresh air wafting in.  

Do Deflectors Really Work?

There’s a skeptic in every group, isn’t there? And if that’s you, you’re naturally going to wonder if rain guards really work. You have doubts about the effectiveness of a hood deflector, too. 

Deflectors – regardless of where they are on your truck or SUV – are tried, tested, and true. Just take a look at all the product reviews on AutoAnything.

Window visors really do prevent wind and rain from getting into your car while you’re driving (obviously not with the window fully open, nor in a hurricane). And hood deflectors drastically improve the amount of damage you’ll have on your hood. 

What to Look for in a Deflector

Among the options you have for hood deflectors and side window deflectors, there really are only a few variables. 

  • Are vent visors in-channel mounted or adhered to the outside of the door frame?
  • Is the product smoke-colored or chrome-colored?
  • Is the hood deflector full width or partial-width?
  • Does the bug deflector use factory mounting locations or do you need to drill?

There isn’t one option that’s better than the other necessarily. It’s a matter of preference more than anything.  

Our 10 Picks of Wind, Bug, and Side Window Deflectors for 2020

Of the hundreds of choices available, we’ve narrowed down our picks for the top hood deflectors and air vent deflectors for 2020. 

1. AVS Bug Deflectors

AVS Bugflector IIFrom $46.98

A popular option that won’t leave you with moths in your wallet is an AVS Bug Deflector. These hood deflectors offer protection from edge to edge along the front lip of your vehicle’s hood. And, since every vehicle’s shape is a little different, AVS custom-designs their bug deflector to fit your make and model perfectly. 

The durable acrylic material is the deep smoke color that contrasts well against most colors. It doesn’t sit right against your paint, either, so you can scrub underneath it pretty easily. 

For most models, installation requires 3M tape and screws that go into factory locations without drilling, although a select few vehicles may require the trusty ol’ drill to mount the AVS bug deflector. 

Proudly made stateside, AVS bug deflectors are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. 

2. AVS Aeroskin Hood Protector

AVS Aeroskin hood protectorFrom $37.09

It’s like a conversation with a close talker, but without the garlic breath. Or the awkwardness. The AVS Aeroskin Hood Protector does a little less deflecting than others, but it definitely makes up for it with protection. Tightly fitting the lines on your vehicle, these custom-molded hood protectors aren’t about to let anything – nothing at all – impact the front edge of your hood. 

Their low-profile design makes them the Blues Brothers of hood protectors, virtually undercover except for the dark smoke finish. Super-simple installation is courtesy of 3M tape that will never come off until you want it to. 

AVS covers the Aeroskin hood protector with their Limited Lifetime Warranty.

3. AVS LightShield Hood Protector

AVS Lightshield AeroskinFrom $113.39 

No other hood deflector matches the intensity of the AVS LightShield Hood Protector. You’ll have a tough time finding anything that has a look like it, too. This model incorporates five amber LED lights into its matte-black protective strip. AVS custom molds the LightShield hood protector from Dura-Flex 2000 TPO – thermoplastic olefin – which is incredibly impact resistant yet has a bit of give. 

Installation for the AVS LightShield hood protector is quite obviously different than the others since you need an electrical source to wire up its 250-lumen LEDs. But, with a 9-foot pigtail, there’s plenty of wire to run from the hood lip to the firewall, then back to the headlights. It’s then fastened to the hood with automotive-grade 3M tape. 

Not only are you more visible to oncoming traffic with this hood protector, but your truck or SUV also looks damn cool. And you can rest easy with the high-quality construction since it’s covered by a 3-year limited warranty. 

4. AVS Chrome Bug Deflector

AVS Chrome Bug FDeflectorFrom $124.49

Black or dark smoke may not be your shtick. If you want something flashier, check out the AVS Chrome Bug Deflector at AutoAnything. A whole bunch of factory packages come with chrome trim, so this truck or SUV accessory will fit right in. This deflector sits slightly off your vehicle’s hood to redirect bugs in a slipstream up and over your cab, and it’s molded to fit your vehicle’s model and trim level like a glove. 

The impact-resistant ABS plastic is coated in real chrome plating – not some cheap paint or film, for long-lasting looks and durability. Drilling might be required on some models, but the package includes all the screws and 3M tape adhesive you need to do the job right in minutes. 

This AVS Chrome bug deflector once again has a Limited Lifetime warranty and is made in the US.

5. AVS In-Channel Vent Visors

AVS In-Channel vent VisorsFrom $30.36

For inexpensive air vent deflectors that are incredibly high quality, AVS In-Channel Vent Visors are one of the best values you’ll find anywhere. They’re super sleek due to their custom-molded fit inside the window channel on your car, truck, SUV, or van, and the high-grade acrylic has a smoky tint that complements any color. 

If you prefer your vent visors match or accent your vehicle’s exterior, automotive paint bonds well to the acrylic. And installation takes no time at all since there’s no cutting or drilling required – it’s all just 3M automotive tape inside the window channel. 

AVS backs these In-Channel Vent Visors with a Lifetime Warranty against defects.

6. WeatherTech In-Channel Side Window Deflectors

Weathertech in-channel side window deflectorsFrom $55.00

Let your windows down on the highway, sun, rain, or snow. WeatherTech In-Channel Side Window Deflectors will help keep the wet stuff out of your car while letting the fresh breeze in. They’re an awesome solution for that pounding noise that drives you crazy when your window is open slightly too, saving you a visit to your shrink.   

Each set is designed and molded for a specific make and model with hundreds of vehicles covered. Made of dark-tinted impact-resistant acrylic, these side window visors won’t fade or crack while they keep your car looking awesome. They’re installed snugly, as the name says, in the window channel with automotive tape.

They’re covered by WeatherTech’s Limited Lifetime Warranty against workmanship and defects. 

7. AVS External Mount Vent Visors

AVS External mount vent visorsFrom $41.43

For a little extra coverage over in-channel vent visors, you may want to look into AVS External Mount Vent Visors. They’re attached to the outside of your vehicle’s window frame, adding an extra bit of distance between the visor and your window. 

AVS uses high-grade smoke-tinted acrylic plastic that’s UV resistant and impact-resistant, ensuring they will keep their handsome good looks longer than Don Johnson. They also use 3M adhesive tape that won’t damage your paint to install securely to your vehicle. 

Again, AVS covers these external mount vent visors with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

8. AVS Low Profile Vent Visors

AVS In-Channel Low Profile window deflectorsFrom $44.84

Noticing a trend here? We’ve got a lot of AVS deflectors on the list, but that’s because these guys sure know how to make a deflector. And our customers agree.

Like a sneaky sleuth, no one will ever know that your windows are cracked open with these AVS Low Profile Vent Visors. Instead of the typical curvy contour most air vent deflectors have, AVS low profile vent visors have a fit that looks almost like factory equipment. You get similar performance as they protect you from wind and water blowing in as you drive.

No drilling or permanent marks result from installing AVS low profile visors – it’s only automotive-grade 3M tape used for the installation. The smoke-colored vent deflectors are made of high-impact acrylic and are covered by AVS’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

9. EGR In-Channel Window Visors

EGR side window deflectorFrom $55.76

Another popular option for rain guards that secure into the window channel comes from EGR. This set of EGR In-Channel Window Visors is another great alternative, especially if you want a choice in the tint color. Manufactured of high-impact acrylic in a thermoform process and precisely made for each model, these are one of the few side window deflectors that have an option of light or dark tint for some models.  

Front windows require peel-and-stick installation alone with the pre-installed 3M tape inside the window channel. Rear windows hold tight with tape and a clip in most cases. 

EGR in-channel window visors are also covered against manufacturer’s defects with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

10. AVS Chrome External Mount Vent Visors

AVS Chrome external mount vent visorFrom $78.53

Ah, the tricked-out truck can add another piece of jewelry with these classy AVS Chrome External Mount Vent Visors. Made of ABS plastic, they’re coated in real chrome – not cheap paint or film – that holds up to the biggest bugs down south and even substantial stones. 

Like acrylic vent visors, these chrome external mount side deflectors mount to your vehicle with two-sided 3M foam tape with a vice-like grip, no drilling required. 

As you’ve come to expect with most AVS products, these vent visors also have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

The Takeaway

If you’re tired of raindrops hitting you in the face while you drive or that wicket buffeting noise from having a window cracked, you need a set of side window deflectors. And if you’re protective of your vehicle’s finish, a hood deflector is definitely in the cards. These ten choices are our top picks for 2020, and they’re available now at AutoAnything. 


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