3 Reasons It’s Important to Replace Your Shocks & Struts

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As any vehicle owner knows, shocks and struts are essential to the suspension system. They work together to provide a smooth ride, absorb bumps and protect your tires from wear.

Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Over time, shocks and struts can become worn out, resulting in a rougher ride and increased tire wear.

If you’re considering replacing your shocks or struts, here are three reasons why it’s essential to do so:

  1. To improve your ride quality.
  2. To prolong the life of your tires.
  3. To prevent expensive repairs down the road.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of these critical components and what to look for when it’s time to upgrade or tune your suspension.

Why are Struts Important

When it comes to automotive maintenance, shocks and struts are among the most critical components. This is because they have a considerable role to play in providing stability and comfort for your ride. Not only do struts act as shock absorbers for all four corners of the car, but their location on both the suspension and steering systems also contribute to proper alignment and handling. Without healthy struts, your vehicle will sag over time and be more prone to body roll while cornering, making them essential if you plan to drive safely and keep your car running at its best. Thankfully, replacing old struts with new ones from AutoAnything is simple; order the part you need and install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions—it’s that easy. And if you have any questions, our product experts have the answers you need.

Bilstein B6 4600 Struts

SenSen Speedy Struts

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What to Look for When Upgrading Shocks

When you are looking to upgrade shocks and struts, there are some essential things to consider:

  1. Shocks and struts should be replaced in pairs or within the same general time frame, so your drive comfort and performance won’t be compromised.
  2. Shocks provide a smoother ride and improve the stability of your car when you’re turning corners or driving over uneven surfaces.
  3. Shocks and struts affect how your tires wear over time; if your shocks aren’t in good condition, your tires can wear prematurely and cause an expense that could’ve been avoided with proper maintenance.

Regarding shock and strut upgrades, AutoAnything has you covered with a massive selection of quality parts for any make or model.

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How to Properly Tune Your Suspension

If you’re looking to improve the look and feel of your ride, suspension tuning is a great place to start. Unfortunately, there are many different ways to tune your suspension, so it can be challenging to know where to begin. First and foremost, ensuring that all of your suspension components, including shocks and struts, are regularly replaced is essential in suspension tuning. If these pieces of suspension technology become worn out or otherwise damaged, they can affect your vehicle’s handling, performance, comfort, and safety. AutoAnything’s selection of shocks and struts fits virtually any budget, so they should be prioritized when considering suspension tuning. Knowing when and how to replace these suspension components will help ensure a smooth ride no matter where life takes you!

Though they often go unnoticed, shocks and struts are crucial in ensuring a safe and smooth ride. If you’re noticing more wear and tear on your vehicle, it might be time to replace your shocks and struts. Keep an eye out for the three signs we mentioned above so you can make sure your upgrade is timely. With new shocks and struts, you’ll enjoy a much smoother ride no matter where the road takes you.


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